Aaron Rodgers and the Packers are Reportedly Working on a Short Extension to Make Him the NFL's Highest-Paid QB

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Aaron Rodgers and the Packers are Reportedly Working on a Short Extension to Make Him the NFL’s Highest-Paid QB

Chicago Bears

Aaron Rodgers hasn’t made a firm commitment regarding his future just yet.

But just in case he decides to return to the Packers, the team and Rodgers’ representation is meeting to set some parameters on a deal that keeps him in Green Bay:

“Nothing is done, but they are having discussions. They are having negotiations to have a deal ready to go if and when Aaron Rodgers firmly and finally decides he wants to return.”

The words from NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport in the video above strongly suggest Rodgers is on the cusp of returning to Green Bay. And at the cost of a short-term deal that would make him the NFL’s highest-paid player on a per-year basis.

But if you squint hard enough, this could be a win-win situation for the Bears.

Either Rodgers leaves Green Bay (which, hey, that works for me!), OR Green Bay goes for broke to keep the band together. The latter may not be much of a win next season, especially if you imagine the Bears trying to compete with their new-look organization. But the price of keeping Rodgers around comes with some real future hand-cuffing. And that’s where the Bears could take some solace.

Just look at the Saints in the post-Drew Brees era. New Orleans was always in the mix as it kept extending Brees and stretching the cap hit over future years. But the Saints were unable to win another Super Bowl title. And the fallout from that is about to be felt in a major way. The Saints enter this offseason as a team that (1) saw Sean Payton step away, (2) needs to do some extreme digging to get out from being out from more than $42 million over the cap, and (3) has Taysom Hill, Trevor Simian, and Ian Book checking in at quarterback. Cringe.

In the end, Rapoport’s reporting coming off the heels of buzz suggesting the Broncos wouldn’t be landing Rodgers and word about Rodgers’ possible asking price on an extension can’t be a coincidence. Can it? Suffice it to say, we’re on high alert for a new Rodgers deal coming down the pipeline. Considering his desire for attention and adoration, stealing the spotlight from Combine Week would check off some boxes for that guy.

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Author: Luis Medina

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