Bears GM Ryan Poles Was Not Impressed by Players Not Protecting Justin Fields from Late Hits

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Bears GM Ryan Poles Was Not Impressed by Players Not Protecting Justin Fields from Late Hits

Chicago Bears

It really isn’t *that* hard for a newly-hired lead exec to come into a damaged situation and say the right things. Well, it shouldn’t be, I suppose is what I mean.

But given the way the Chicago Bears have been handled at the highest levels over the past [insert as long as you care to insert], it was fair to wonder about how well the General Manager search process would actually pair up with someone who can come in and say the right things. The actual DOING of the right things is what matters, but we can’t quite judge that stuff yet.

So I am at least really pleased when I see new GM Ryan Poles coming in and saying things like this:

Justin Fields, in addition to all the other ways he was set up to fail, got absolutely hammered by late hits this year. Our focus naturally turns to the refs in those situations – because it’s bullshit! – but it’s also primarily about having an offensive line in place that (1) isn’t going to allow opportunities for that happen very often in the first place, and (2) is going to light guys up if they pull that crap on the franchise quarterback.

That’s why it was EXTREMELY GALLING to see rookie offensive lineman Teven Jenkins thrown under the bus when he was the ONE GUY who finally stood up for Fields and communicated with his body that the late hit shit had to stop.

Your reminder that Justin Fields clearly appreciated what Jenkins was trying to do for him, and said as much at the time:

As a former offensive lineman himself, Poles understands the important relationship there with the quarterback, and the O-line’s unique role in protecting him before and after the whistle. You knew he was going to come in the door and focus heavily on a line that has been way too erratic the last five years, but that will mostly be about ensuring the right personnel and right coaching staff are in place. I’m glad that at least part of it will be about better understanding the role as it relates to the team’s young quarterback, his health, and his success.

Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.