HOLY WHAT: Russell Wilson is Being Traded to the Denver Broncos (UPDATES)

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HOLY WHAT: Russell Wilson is Being Traded to the Denver Broncos (UPDATES)

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What is happening today?!? It’s a wild one. So wild that I’m writing a football post. It happens from time to time.

With Aaron Rodgers officially staying in Green Bay, the quarterback carousel apparently kicked up into sufficiently high gear that the Denver Broncos are landing Russell Wilson. I did not see this coming:

We’ll have to get the particulars soon, but the implications here are enormous for not only both teams, but both leagues.

You’ll recall that the Chicago Bears were exceedingly close to a deal for Russell Wilson last year when Pete Carroll pulled the plug, according to reports. The Bears went on to land Justin Fields in the draft, which was fine by me. But Wilson still moves on.

UPDATE I – Some trade particulars:

Remember, the Bears’ reported offer was three first-round picks, a third-rounder, and two starting players. It was a substantial offer, to be sure. But not one the Seahawks were willing to make at the time. A year later, Seattle is down to do business.

UPDATE II – The Seahawks are getting a young quarterback out of the deal:

So, it’s not as if Seattle comes away from this empty-handed with nothing at quarterback. Drew Lock takes over, presumably as a placeholder while the Seahawks re-assess the situation. Without a first-round pick, Seattle could try to piece together a quarterbacks room with Lock and a free agent? All this to say that I’m glad the Bears aren’t in the Seahawks’ shoes right now.

UPDATE III – Even more particulars:

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