The Aaron Rodgers Contract Extension Numbers Are Even Crazier Than We Thought

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The Aaron Rodgers Contract Extension Numbers Are Even Crazier Than We Thought

Chicago Bears

The announcement that Aaron Rodgers is returning to the Packers was a blow to the souls of fans across the NFC North. But we were able to take some small comfort in the fact that Rodgers re-upping with the Packers figured to come at a cost.

A flat-out ridiculous cost:

This is one of the most ridonkulous contract structures I’ve ever seen. In any sport. And at any time:

•   $101.515 million in full guarantees in the first two years?

•   $100.8 million worth of cap numbers over three seasons?

•   $75 million dead money hit that coincides with the start of a rebuild?

Sheesh. There is a lot going on here.

I just keep reading through it all and trying to put it in perspective. Or better yet, trying to put it into words that are in the English language. There is some real befuddlization going on when you see a contract that essentially boils down to two years and $124 million.

Green Bay can move money around and manipulate what it wants right now. But at some point, the time will come to pay the piper. Think of what the Packers are doing now like you would a big fancy dinner. Sure, you’re treating yourself now. And that is your right to absolutely go hog wild in this scenario. YOLO, ya know? But at some point at the end of the night, the restaurant is going to ask you to leave and pay the bill. And for the Packers, there will come a point where they’ll look at the bill and wonder if it was all worth it. If I had my way, I hope this plays out to the football equivalent of filling up on bread.

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Author: Luis Medina

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