So Much For the Tag-and-Trade: The Bucs Are Extending Chris Godwin on a 3-Year Deal Worth $60 Million

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So Much For the Tag-and-Trade: The Bucs Are Extending Chris Godwin on a 3-Year Deal Worth $60 Million

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Even after the curtain went up on the new NFL calendar year at 3 p.m. CT, the wide receiver logjam remained.

But maybe Chris Godwin’s new deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will shake things up:

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports Godwin and the Bucs have come to an agreement on a three-year deal worth as much as $60 million. The new contract comes with $40 million in full guarantees at signing. It isn’t as much as what Christian Kirk got from Jacksonville. But then again, getting what he did and potentially playing for another ring with the greatest quarterback to lace ’em up makes it a net win for Godwin.

Godwin, 26,  would’ve been playing on the Franchise Tag had the two sides not come to an agreement on a deal by July 15. But instead of letting the market continue exploding while Godwin sat on the tag, he and the Bucs were able to iron out a deal. To which I say, good for them. Then again, not-so-good for receiver-starved teams who might’ve been hoping Godwin would reach the market somehow.

Earlier, we were discussing Godwin as a tag-and-trade possibility after a report out of Tampa suggested that as a plausible reality. After all, a Godwin trade would’ve been helpful in clearing out some cap space for other signings while simultaneously netting some draft picks in return. The combination of newfound cap space and draft picks who could possibly help Tom Brady win another ring upon his return might’ve been tempting. Perhaps that chatter today helped nudge the two sides toward coming together on a deal. Is there anything a little public peer pressure can’t fix?

Godwin’s deal marks the first major move on the receiver market on Day 1 of the new league year. Otherwise, it has stalled out as players and teams around the league appear to be in a holding pattern due to the Deshaun Watson situation. This situation is so complicated, it is simultaneously putting a freeze on the offensive tackle market. Specifically, for Saints free agent Terron Armstead. And it could be a hang-up in the receiver market. For example, Jarvis Landry is reportedly setting up meetings with the Falcons. I imagine that has more to do with the potential of adding Watson than it does linking up with Matt Ryan. Call it a hunch.

Hopefully, that saga comes to a conclusion soon. The Texans have reportedly met (or are scheduled to meet) with representatives from the Saints, Panthers, Falcons, and Browns. Once that shakes out, maybe the rest of the dominoes will fall.

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