The Folks Who Designed the Raiders' New Stadium Will Help the Bears Design One for Arlington Heights

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The Folks Who Designed the Raiders’ New Stadium Will Help the Bears Design One for Arlington Heights

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The worst-kept secret around town is the Bears’ exploration of building a new stadium in Arlington Heights. Back in September, word broke that the Bears were in agreement to buy Arlington Park. The land that comes with that purchase is the top spot for a possible new home for the team should it decide to leave Soldier Field. And while reaching a purchase agreement might look like part of a pressure campaign, the Bears’ latest move is a more concrete step toward leaving Soldier Field.

That’s because, to help them in this process, the Bears have reportedly chosen Manica Architecture as part of the team that will aid them in designing their new stadium in Arlington Heights:


I’m no architecture buff, but this feels like a significant step in the process of moving out of Chicago and into a plush suburban palace. And while I understand how polarizing this will be, I’ll admit that if you’re going to try and build a state-of-the-art facility, plucking the gang that was lending a helping hand to the Raiders as they built Allegiant Stadium is a good place to start.

When the Bears played the Raiders last season, many fans reached out to us to share their compliments of the new stadium. Often, those messages were followed by sentiments wishing Chicago’s football team had a building like the one in Las Vegas. And to that end, you’ll get no argument from me. Soldier Field is out-dated with a fan experience that leaves so much to be desired. It didn’t sound like that is a description anyone would use for Allegiant Stadium. Just saying.

The Raiders’ new digs cost about $1.9 billion, which feels about right for these stadiums. And the perks seem plenty worth itSigh. If only there was a way to build such a beaut within city limits. If. Only…

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