Here We Go Again: The Bears Are Exploring Nick Foles Trades

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Here We Go Again: The Bears Are Exploring Nick Foles Trades

Chicago Bears

Sometimes, a series of decisions lines up to a very obvious ending. And I believe we’re starting to see those very dominoes fall when it comes to the Chicago Bears quarterbacks room, and specifically Nick Foles.

It begins with Trevor Siemian signing a two-year deal at what is widely considered to be the expected rate for a backup quarterback. And it ends with Nick Foles’ eventual departure from the Bears. The only thing left to be decided is what happens in between those to end points. Among the possibilities is a trade. And for the second consecutive offseason, the Bears are traveling down that road:

NFL Network reporter Mike Garafolo shares the Bears are in the market of trading Foles. Between signing Siemian and recently paying off a $4 million roster bonus on Foles’ contract, piecing together a trade is a little easier now than before. Let’s face it. The Bears aren’t rostering multiple backup quarterbacks on similar deals. To heck with a $7.666 million dead cap hit. Moving Foles off the books would come with a $3 million creation in cap space. That is a net win. And if the Bears could land a conditional Day 3 pick for their troubles, then all the better.

The only hold up — and it’s a big one — is finding a willing trade partner. Foles spoke glowingly of Colts coach Frank Reich last summer while discussing his possible trade status lat year. Indy went all-in on Matt Ryan, but I suppose that team could stand to bring in Foles as a quality insurance policy. A return trip to Jacksonville seems far-fetched, but not totally implausible. After all, Foles and Doug Pederson have a history that dates back to their time with the Chiefs and Eagles. Does Carolina want to push Sam Darnold in 2022 the way the Bears tried to nudge Mitchell Trubisky in 2020? What about the Seahawks doing something similar with Drew Lock? We know Foles can win late-season games in that building:

We don’t know how it’ll shake out in the end, but it sure feels like the conclusion will be Foles leaving Chicago. When it happens, hopefully he leaves Justin Fields a blueprint on how to beat Tom Brady and win a Super Bowl. You know, just in case.

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Author: Luis Medina

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