The Value of a Beefed Up Offensive Line and Other Bears Bullets

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The Value of a Beefed Up Offensive Line and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

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•   As we continue to await the Bills’ decision regarding matching Ryan Bates’ offer sheet from the Bears, here is a nice reminder as to why we’re obsessing over any and all offensive line additions:

•   Obviously, a great quarterback lifts everyone around him. But a solid offensive line can do wonders in allowing quarterbacks opportunities to do it. Sure, there are some who break the mold and are exception to the rule. But we’ve seen it repeatedly how, in the game’s biggest moments, having base-level competence in the trenches can be the difference between winning and losing. At this stage of the offseason, the Bears aren’t in a position to add an impact offensive lineman. However, that shouldn’t stop them from piecing together useful depth and bringing in players with upside who can grow. And that is why we’re intently following the Bates offer sheet storyline.

•   A good bit of perspective when it comes to the possibility of the Bills matching the Bates offer sheet:

•   The football nerd in me loves the gamesmanship of these things. And I’ll love it even more if we can begin discussing Bates as part of this new-look offensive line.

•   I’m digging Chris Emma’s description of new center Lucas Patrick in his latest at 670 The Score:

In between the lines, Patrick is considered a physical presence who plays with a nasty streak. He’s exactly the type of offensive lineman whom new Bears general manager Ryan Poles wanted as he works to reshape Chicago’s offense around 23-year-old quarterback Justin Fields.

•   The Bears were definitely needing to upgrade in talent across the board along the line. But the team was also in a place where it was necessary to bring in players who can help establish an identity. Last year’s line had its moments where it was productive, but was lacking something. It didn’t have the type of nastiness that consistently good lines tend to have. To be clear, Patrick won’t single-handedly make the new Bears line a force. And he won’t do it overnight. But if his grind rubs off on others? Yeah, that would be nice.

•   Remember when Germain Ifedi was upset with Teven Jenkins on Monday Night Football? That crossed my mind for no particular reason right now:

•   Better yet, do you recall when Justin Fields praised Jenkins for his physicality while having his QB’s back?

•   If the Bears properly build their line, they can make the most of Darnell Mooney’s big-play ability down the field:

•   Beefing up the blocking and ratcheting the efforts to land some receiver help would go a long way toward Alex Ballentine’s Bleacher Report prediction of Justin Fields being the Bears’ breakout player in 2022.

•   Always good to see Fields and Mooney put in that offseason work:

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•   Is everyone trying to copy the Rams with these moves?

•   It would’ve been nice if the Bears could’ve gotten one for Khalil Mack. Nevertheless, we’ve seen a lot of movement of picks this offseason.

•   What’s wild about how the Rams do business is that they stockpile draft capital despite disposing of first-round picks the way I toss out old mail. The Rams haven’t used a first-round pick since 2016. But since the start of the 2017 season, they’ve made 45 picks. Their trade-backs have been plentiful and bountiful, to say the least. These Rams haven’t have had at least eight picks in each of the last five draft classes. And this year will be no different, as L.A. projects to have another eight selections in April.

•   The Bulls sure needed that win last night.

•   Nothing beats a little league homer:

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