Best Player Available Fallacy, Coverage Snaps, Exes Flocking to Falcons, and Other Bears Bullets

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Best Player Available Fallacy, Coverage Snaps, Exes Flocking to Falcons, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

Death. Taxes. And a willingness to be hurt by the results of something I can’t control.

Welcome back, MLB.

•   This is the time of year when NFL fans hear a ton about drafting the best player available. It is a familiar refrain, but one that shouldn’t be taken too literally. Yours truly learned that the hard way, as I put together a 2022 NFL Draft mock solely picking the highest-ranked player on PFF’s board at the time I went on the clock with the Bears’ selection. As one might expect, the lack of receiver help with this mock didn’t go over well with many. And, frankly, it wouldn’t go over well with me. Point being that there is an important distinction to make between “best player available” and one who is best at a position of need. It’s the attention to detail for me.

•   In any case, how’d I do this time around?

•   We’d feel good about a draft that features four players ranked in PFF’s top 100 and six in the top-150 right? All things being equal, I’d say yes.

•   PFF gives it an A. Been a long time since I’ve earned one of those on a report card. I used to love how my mother would give me hand-written notes telling me how proud she was when I’d get good grades. I still have one of them from my college years. She’d probably be proud of this mock, while also being curious as to why there aren’t more Puerto Rican football players in the draft. But that’s probably a post worth exploring at some other time.

•   Kevin Fishbain’s rundown of the ex-Bear factor in Atlanta in the wake of Germain Ifedi’s signing with the Falcons is a piece of work:

•   Somewhere, I imagine Mike Royko’s Force ghost is penning witty commentary about how the ex-Cub factor has seeped into other Chicago sports franchises.

•   Full disclosure: I forgot Willie Beavers spent time with the Bears. Jon Hoke, too. It’s a who’s who of remember a Bears dude.

•   We’ll keep tabs on Ifedi’s contract once details come out. If the deal is north of $3 million, it could be beneficial in helping the Bears secure a compensatory draft pick in the 2023 NFL Draft. Admittedly, it’s a long shot. But doesn’t Ryan Pace owe us one?

•   I contend that if Jaylon Johnson can hold his own against Davante Adams, he can do it against anyone:

•   DeAndre Houston-Carson had the 11th best coverage grade among 92 safeties who were qualifiers for PFF’s leaderboard in 2021. Roquan Smith’s coverage grade was 18th best among the 87 linebackers who were qualifiers in the category. Tack on the statistic above regarding Johnson’s pass breakup skills, and I’ll tip my cap to the previous regime for scouting, drafting, and developing players with coverage ability. I’ll be curious to see how Head Coach Matt Eberflus, Defensive Coordinator Alan Williams, and the rest of that staff attempt to elevate everyone’s game in 2022.

•   Some additional perspective on that out-of-left-field Saints-Eagles trade:

•   I, for one, will be rooting for the Saints to take a quarterback. Heck, why not take two? Better safe than sorry, right? If New Orleans reaches for a first-round quarterback with one of its two picks, that means one more non-QB skill-position player with a first-round grade will slip to the second round. And if enough quarterbacks go in Round 1, the Bears will open up shop on Day 2 with a decent shot at a prospect legitimately worthy of a first-round grade. Should the cookie crumble in this manner, I think Bears fans will be doing cartwheels. Physically, I can’t. Certainly not after eating a big breakfast. But I’ll be doing them in my head, which should count for something.

•   For those of you who have an interest in attending the 25th annual Bears Care Gala:

•   I can’t help but wonder if things would’ve been different had the lockout not thrown everyone’s pursuit of Carlos Correa for a loop:

•   This is different:

•   As if losing back-to-back home stinkers to the Bucks and Celtics wasn’t painful enough, Lonzo Ball’s first season with the Bulls is over:

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.