Mooney Starts to Feel the Love, Russ Goes "Home" Again, Bengals Modernizing, and Other Bears Bullets

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Mooney Starts to Feel the Love, Russ Goes “Home” Again, Bengals Modernizing, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

I have a love-hate relationship with what happened during Saturday’s Cubs-Brewers game.

Because, on the one hand, pegging guys with fastballs for the sake of frontier justice is silly. And frankly, I could do without it in baseball. But on the other hand, there comes a point in time where players have to send each other messages. So long as it isn’t in a head-hunting fashion, I can find a middle ground when it comes to this old-school baseball thing that I kinda-sorta wish would go away.

Perhaps, more importantly, the Brewers need to figure out how to effectively pitch inside if they’re going to do it in the first place. Otherwise, the Cubs aren’t the only team they’ll be beefing with this year.

•   A few years ago, it came up in conversation with a friend over drinks about how the Bengas were the rare cold-weather team in the NFL without an indoor practice facility. It boggled my mind, to be sure. But then I cracked a joke about how they’d never use it anyway. Well … then they made it to the Super Bowl and were practicing indoors for the first time during Super Bowl week at So-Fi Stadium. But perhaps those days will soon be behind them:

•   Even adding a temporary facility next to their current stadium should be seen as an upgrade for the Bengals. And that the team is paying for it is an additional bonus that has me nodding my head. It is way too easy for some teams to leverage their recent success to pry money from the taxpayers, so I’m glad the Bengals aren’t resorting to that tactic. And I hope they never do.

•   While stadium stuff is on our mind, here’s this:

•   A move to suburban Arlington Heights feels inevitable. But I doesn’t mean I have to love it. Don’t get it twisted. My stance continues to be that I wish the Bears had a new state-of-the-art stadium. Something nice that was the envy of the other 31 teams in the league. A home-field advantage that is second to none in professional football. Something worthy of a charter franchise. However, putting it in soulless suburbia isn’t an idea I can fully get behind. Again, Soldier Field isn’t great. I don’t think there are many (any?) arguments to the contrary. It needs work. And fumbling its renovations in the early 2000s has ultimately put us where we are now. But … there has to be a middle ground somewhere. Right?

•   Moving from the building itself to what happens within its confines, I spy a member of the Bears on this list:

•   That Darnell Mooney is getting love in the graphic above suggests that his days as being underrated could be coming to an end in due time. Following a breakthrough 2021 season won’t be easy, but nothing worth it ever is. And with that in mind, I’m looking forward to seeing how Mooney elevates his game in 2022. I mean … why can’t he be the WR1 this team appears to be searching for this offseason?

•   Maybe that receiver is in the upcoming NFL Draft? There sure seems to be a lot to like:

•   Here’s a headline that I imagine will generate some unique conversation: “Terrell Owens makes case for Colin Kaepernick to join Fan Controlled Football” (PFT)

•   Remember that bonkers Stefon Diggs extension from earlier this week? Turns out that not only are the Bills retaining a stud receiver, ESPN’s Field Yates notes they’ll do so while creating $6.18 million in 2022 cap space. It is still wild to me that the Bills, who were appearing to be in a cap conundrum not that long ago, found a way to sign Von Miller, extend Stefon Diggs, match the Bears’ offer sheet for Ryan Bates, and end up under the cap by $2,300,713 (per OTC’s data). Sheesh.

•   The Rockies, who drafted Russell Wilson in 2010, finally were able to see it through with their pick:

•   This is the wholesome Dwayne Haskins content I needed today after his sudden and tragic death:

•   A bunch of your favorite Bulls are getting the night off as the regular season closes its doors:

•   Murph watch in Blackhawks land:

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.