Matt Eberflus Promises the Bears Are Giving Justin Fields a "Quarterback Friendly" Offense

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Matt Eberflus Promises the Bears Are Giving Justin Fields a “Quarterback Friendly” Offense

Chicago Bears

When it comes to revitalizing the Chicago Bears offense, the biggest changes – to this point of the offseason – have been centered around who’s drawing up/calling the plays instead of those actually executing them on the field.

To be fair, both areas needed addressing as the calendar flipped from 2021 to 2022. But because there hasn’t been an impact addition in terms of player personnel on the offensive side of the ball, there is a natural focus on what new Offensive Coordinator Luke Getsy and his scheme can do to elevate Justin Fields’ quarterbacking.

And while we won’t see what that looks like until training camp, practices, and games come our way, Head Coach Matt Eberflus opened a window to what this offense was all about in a podcast interview with Cris Collinsworth.

Here is an excerpt of Eberflus describing the offense:

“This is a rhythm and timing offense. It’s based in the West Coast system. I think it’s going to be very quarterback friendly for him. It’s been quarterback friendly for a lot of guys in the past. And you can see the way it’s coached. The rhythm and timing of the passing game is really going to help him understand when to get rid of the ball, what his progressions are – if they’re pure progressions, if they’re yes-no progressions, whatever that might be. He’s going to have a clear understanding of what the offense is, and he’s really doing a good job of grasping that and helping to teach it to the other players as well.”

It’s encouraging to hear how Fields is responding in the early going of Getsy’s system. Specifically, how comfortable Fields is operating right now (especially with the mention of Fields teaching the offense to his teammates). Diving into a new offensive system is one thing. But being a quarterback who can get the information, comprehend it, and relay it to others is very important. It isn’t going to always be sunshines and rainbows as Fields goes from one offense to another, but it sounds like the Getsy-Fields endeavor is setting a solid foundation. I guess that’s what happens when you give your team’s quarterback of the future your full attention and a full slate of reps.

We’ll get into the nitty gritty of what this offense is and what it can be in due time. Much like you gotta crawl before you walk, before Fields starts dropping deep dimes to receivers, it is important that he learns the intricacies of the offense. And it sounds like he is doing that to the satisfaction of his head coach.

We’ll share some more from the podcast later. But for more from Eberflus now, you can watch the entire interview below:

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