Fields Flashback, Remember Smith-Njigba For Later, Mock Draft Madness, and Other Bears Bullets

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Fields Flashback, Remember Smith-Njigba For Later, Mock Draft Madness, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

Between my Easter cooking and tonight’s Bulls playoff game, I’ve got plenty on my plate.

May your Sunday be peaceful, joyous, and loving.

•   I could do these every day. And if I have time to burn, I could run through several. My latest from PFF’s Mock Draft Simulator:

•   These mock draft exercises are less about predicting the future, and instead are more about getting a feel for which players will be available when the Bears pick, where positional runs begin, and what kind of value could be available when the team goes on the clock. I haven’t been dabbling in trades just yet. However, I’ve seen the mocks you’ve sent me and I’m as impressed with the willingness to wheel-and-deal as I am with your ability to extract a volume of picks. In an ideal world, the Bears would do something similar. Envisioning a draft weekend where the Bears start the weekend with just six picks and finish it with 8-10 selections would be a wonderful development.

•   As for the mock above, I think I did well considering how I decided to play it straight with no trades. I didn’t expect to triple-dip at receiver, but don’t think anyone would mind if that was how the cookie crumbles. All things being equal, adding two offensive linemen, three receivers, ad a cornerback would make for a strong start. Bolstering that group with a solid showing in the UDFA market would make for a wonderful weekend.

•   First-year Bears GM Ryan Poles drafting a Zion Johnson, a highly touted Boston College offensive lineman, with his first-ever draft pick would be poetic. And for that reason alone, I’m gonna need it to happen:

•   If you’ll recall, Poles was a Boston College offensive lineman before briefly latching on with Chicago as an undrafted free agent long ago. Football symmetry is cool. Also … Johnson is a superb lineman prospect who could be an instant contributor for a team that needs (1) offensive line upgrades and (2) immediate impact from its draft picks. Make it happen!

•   Poles was at Saturday’s White Sox win. Surely he was thinking about how #88 playing center field would look catching passes from QB1:

•   Speaking of Fields, he was living it up at his alma mater during Ohio State’s spring game:

•   Perhaps Jaxson Smith-Njigba is the Ohio State receiver with previous ties to Fields we need to dream on the Bears drafting (in 2023):

•   OK, yeah, I know. You need two feet in the pros. But that’s a dang good catch and equally awesome athleticism to get even one foot down. Smith-Njigba has the potential to be WR1 in next year’s draft class. And if the Bears land in a spot to take him, you won’t have to squint to see a reality in which folks are banging down the doors to make it happen. We have a long way to go before we get to that point. But we’d be smart to acknowledge that timeline exists as a possible reality.

•   Lotta fútbol fans at Soldier Field yesterday:

•   The USFL has some quarterbacks whose names we are familiar with:

•   It’s playoff time for the Bulls, which means all hands on deck:

•   I didn’t realize the rookie logging 10 games had legitimate, long-term implications:

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