Lions and Packers Among Teams Potentially Interested in Trading for Deebo Samuel

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Lions and Packers Among Teams Potentially Interested in Trading for Deebo Samuel

Chicago Bears

This Deebo Samuel situation has been escalating rather quickly this week.

What began with Samuel listed among the receivers planning to sit out of on-field offseason workout activities quickly turned into a full-blown trade request. And of course it wasn’t going to take long for teams to jump into the mix as potential trade partners.

NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport names some names:

Ugh! Of course. 🙄.

Seeing the Jets as a party with an interest in trading for Samuel is unsurprising. The New York based team is always in the mix on the rumor mill, and was in position to swing a deal with the Chiefs for Tyreek Hill before he chose the Dolphins’ offer.

Naturally, the Chiefs are in the market for a playmaker after dealing Hill. It might seem unlikely after recently trading a star receiver of their own, but don’t let that be the reason to not think Kansas City wouldn’t be involved. It is possible K.C. likes what Samuel brings to the table more than Hill moving forward. That might be enough to get the ball rolling on a trade. And yet, I still com back to seeing the Packers and Lions name-checked and it leading to me wanting to throw up in my mouth.

The Packers need an ace receiver after trading Davante Adams to the Raiders. Green Bay isn’t a destination for premier free agents. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers said as much last offseason. But maybe the Green Bay this is a situation like the Adams deal, but with the shoe being on the other foot. The Packers could conceivably make a pitch to a player who wants out, all while dangling gigantic sacks full of money. Green Bay ain’t Vegas, which is what I imagine one reason Adams left in the first place. But the currency works in Wisconsin as well as it does in Nevada.

As for the Lions, I could probably make a case that it is more bothersome that they’re on a list of teams with an interest in making a Samuel trade. It’s the Lions, for crying out loud. A franchise known for watching its star players retire in their prime years because they’d rather not play another down for that down-trodden team. C’mon, seriously. This is a team that invents new ways to lose seemingly on a weekly basis. But Detroit is trying to paint itself as a team on the rise in the NFC North. With the Bears and Vikings in re-tool mode under new GM/Head Coach combos, the Lions could seize the moment to make a big splash to insert themselves. What better way to assert yourself than by acquiring a first-team All-Pro receiver in the same offseason two division rivals lost their top pass-catchers?

Now that I’m thinking about it, I need to cleanse myself because the Lions having nice things makes me feel dirty.

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.