New Positions and Energy, Clean Slates, Dick Butkus' Profound Idea, and Other Bears Bullets

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New Positions and Energy, Clean Slates, Dick Butkus’ Profound Idea, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

This is most certainly a mood today:

The Bulls are back. And, hopefully, they can return to the win column.

•   After the first installment of the offseason workout plan involved no on-field action, the Bears are back on the practice field with their new head coach, fresh faces throughout the staff, and even some new bodies on the roster. It is by no means a finished product, but Chicago’s football team is back putting in work. And they’re wasting little time with possible shakeups.

•   The most eye-opening news from Tuesday was the position swap featuring Teven Jenkins and Larry Borom. Jenkins moving back to right tackle could be a sign that this regime sees Jenkins in the role many were envisioning he would take to around this time last year — a plug-and-play right tackle. As for Borom, getting a chance to show out at left tackle felt like a callback to last summer, when the old brass was publicly showing faith that the big-bodied tackle could play on the left side. Borom played sparingly there at Missouri and didn’t project to play there as a pro. But I’ll allow for the possibility that there are some traits we’re not seeing that could lead to him being a pro left tackle. Frankly, I’m down to find out now in a low-pressure situation as opposed to Week 1 of the regular season.

•   Obvious caveats of small sample being what it is aside, I’m digging what Head Coach Matt Eberflus is doing at the outset. Particularly when it comes to the tackle stuff. Eberflus said “we’re going to play with a lot of different combinations” and made it seem like these players would be put in a position to practice (and eventually) play their way into a role based on what they do best. This is the type of energy the Bears have been needing.

•   It’s positive vibes and good energy only around here until something merits us changing our tune.

•   Speaking of good energy, Byron Pringle has it in spades:

•   Circling back to the tackle situation for a moment. In case you’re curious, Duane Brown, Eric Fisher, and Jason Peters remain on the market as high-profile, established veteran left tackle options who remain on the free agent market. The Bears did well by adding Peters last year, as he was arguably their best and most consistent offensive lineman. If the the team doesn’t believe its franchise blind-side protector isn’t on this roster and/or won’t be available for them on NFL Draft weekend, I’ve heard worse ideas than plugging in a vet and re-assessing things next year. Especially when the Bears will own their first-round pick and project to have $117,671,964 in cap space — the most of any team, per’s calculations.

•   And then there was Justin Fields and his new-look footwork. Ideally, the mechanical tweak helps in building timing and rhythm within the offense. Timing is everything, after all. Then again, part of the allure in Fields’ upside is his ability to make off-the-cuff plays. In those instances, mechanics good aren’t necessarily in plain sight. But perhaps the simple tweak that has the intent of helping Fields’ timing gets him into a better position to make those awesome unscripted plays.

•   Seriously, there are no mechanics for this:

•   Hey! Keep it down, PFF! We’re trying to get a Day 2 steal:

•   The Bears had a handful of players in for tryouts on Tuesday. A notable thread among the group was that there was ample special teams experience to be had throughout. Dazz Newsome and Khalil Herbert could probably hold down kick and punt return duties. Newsome showed he could do it in college, while Herbert was flashing when given opportunities as a rookie past year. But if both (or either) has a bigger role in the offense this year, it would be wise not to burn them out on special teams returns. Hence, extending invites to tryouts with versatility to handle specialists duties. Just something to keep an eye on as the offseason roster churn continues.

•   Another week, another former LSU standout visits the Saints:

•   This would be more high-profile news if not for the buzz surrounding Deebo Samuel:

•   Dick Butkus has some ideas:

•   Is Kofi Cockburn the imposing left tackle the Bears are dreaming of when it comes to protecting QB1? Or is he the menacing pass-rusher bull-rushing off the end. I’m not sure if Kofi has the agility to play “X” receiver, but perhaps he would make an excellent goal line threat as a tight end. Let’s get creative here, folks!

•   I’m here for all the clean slates:

•   Maybe it’s because I’m used to MLB’s service-time manipulations, but I’m struggling to make sense of burning a full year of Lukas Reichel’s first contract for 10 games (and to be sent bak to Rockford after his most recent appearance):

•   Tommy Pham is the baseball embodiment of wearing black Nike Air Force Ones:

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.