Roquan the Receiver, Eberflus to Make His Pitch, Giant Draft Failures, and Other Bears Bullets

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Roquan the Receiver, Eberflus to Make His Pitch, Giant Draft Failures, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

The basketball game did not go as well as I would’ve liked, but at least the company was good. So, in an attempt to wash last night’s bad taste out of my mouth, I’m going to the Cubs game today. Hopefully, it yields a more palatable result than last night’s Bulls game.

•   Eddie Jackson, who was also in attendance for the Bulls-Bucks game at United Center, had a thought that has my attention:

•   After giving it some thought, I wouldn’t say no to an Akiem Hicks reunion. Things ended on a sour note for Hicks last season (in more ways than one). However, Matt Nagy getting the boot, a new regime in charge, and Hicks still on the free agent market, maybe there could be middle ground that provides a launch-point for a reunion. Admittedly, I  struggle to see where Hicks fits in this new scheme. Moreover, this offseason’s transactions have been trending younger, so envisioning this front office running it back with an older veteran is tough.

•   Also … I’ve grown to accept that not all breakups are bad. Change can be good. Part of me wonders if Hicks doesn’t deserve something more than being on a team in a building phase. The 32-year-old was an anchor for some great Bears defenses of recent years, but was a part of zero playoff wins despite his efforts. I’d contend that Hicks has played his way into deserving an opportunity to go ring-chasing (should that be the thing he wants). As a fan who thinks Hicks embodies what the Bears want to be and think they are, it would be a fun story to follow a popular player’s unexpected return (and a bounce-back campaign that follows). It is just tough to see it happening. But, hey, I won’t stop BoJack from campaigning for an old teammate’s return.

•   No word if Jackson is going back-to-back with a Cubs game after last night’s Bulls outing, but his head coach will be around:

•   Apparently, Kerry Wood has a future as a pitching coach. “His coaching was excellent,” Bears Head Coach said of Kerry Wood, via the Bears’ website. “in terms of being smooth, take a deep breath before you do it, soak it in, enjoy the moment, and then just [throw] it in there. It was really good advice.”

•   Getting to work with Wood is pretty cool. And any time you get a chance to get on the diamond at beautiful and historic Wrigley Field, you gotta take it. I’m looking forward to seeing what Eberflus does when he gets the ball. Do you think he was consulting Justin Fields (in addition to getting Wood’s guidance) before any of this? Remember, Fields has a baseball background. And there is nothing wrong with asking for some help.

•   BONUS: If you’re attending today’s game, here’s the lineup you’ll see to start the ballgame.

•   If Kerry Wood can visit Halas Hall, and Matt Eberflus can throw a pitch, then why can’t Roquan Smith be WR1? I mean, how can you look at this picture and not think that this guy has pass-catching potential:

•   Let’s just say Roquan has a knack for catching passes:


•   Where was Matt Nagy’s gimmick using defensive players on offense when you need it? So many missed opportunities to get Roquan the ball.

•   Jared Goff and Roquan Smith seem to have a real connection. Love it when a QB and his top-pass catcher have that going for them. I’m looking forward to seeing if they’ll re-kindle that connection when the Bears and Lions play this season.

•   This is a bold take:

•   How would you rank the NFL North’s quarterbacks? Be honest. I won’t hold your rankings against you.

•   It could be worse, Bears fan:


•   The 2022 NFL Draft is coming, which will certainly give the Giants another opportunity to waste precious 1st-round capital:

•   For those of you who have an interest in such a event:

•   It had been a minute since Tom Brady was in a headline:

•    I can’t believe this is happening:

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