How Good Teams Stack Picks, Secondary Needs, Rams Plans to Steal the Draft, and Other Bears Bullets

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How Good Teams Stack Picks, Secondary Needs, Rams Plans to Steal the Draft, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

I doubt it’ll be the highlight of my week, but the vibes I was feeling after spicing up my mashed potatoes recipe by adding two diced garlic cloves really did a number in terms of lifting my spirits last night. Something about a good pot of mashed potatoes is so good for the soul.

•   This is the most creative thing to come out of Hollywood since …

•   … I legitimately don’t remember. Too many movies are falling under the remake umbrella and it bugs me. Not as much as the Rams saying “eff them picks” and still having eight selections in the 2022 NFL Draft. But I’m still irked. Being envious of the Super Bowl champs is normal. But when the champs also have absurd mid- to late-round draft capital that I wish the Bears had, it gnaws at me. But, hey, maybe first-year GM Ryan Poles has some tricks up his sleeve and some trades in the offing.

•   Death, taxes, and the Patriots trading for more draft picks:

•   Let it be known that the Bears’ current GM comes from a Chiefs organization that currently holds 12 picks in this weekend’s draft. His assistant GM (hi, Ian Cunningham!) arrives in Chicago after a stint with the Eagles, who have 10 picks in the draft. I realize you can’t replicate exactly what your previous employer did in your new work space. But you can always apply the principles of what you learned to make your new gig better. And I’m hoping that’s what the Bears have in mind this weekend.

•   I’m here for the unpredictability of the NFL Draft:

•   Even though the Bears have so many draft needs on offense, Jason Lieser (Sun-TImes) reminds us that cornerback is an urgent need for the Bears by unearthing one painful state. The Bears allowed an NFL-worst 103.3 opponent passer rating last year. And I can understand how we got to that point, even if Johnson was a solid starter on one side of the field. Here is the collection of cornerbacks who made starts last year alongside Jaylon Johnson, who has emerged as a rock in the secondary:

⇒   Kindle Vildor (12 starts)
⇒   Artie Burns (6 starts)
⇒   Duke Shelley (4 starts)
⇒   Xavier Crawford (2 starts)
⇒   Thomas Graham (1 start)
⇒   Teez Tabor (1 start)

•   Tell me you need cornerback help, but without saying the words “I need cornerback help.”

•   Let’s give it this perspective: Bears opposing quarterbacks performed similarly to Tom Brady (102.1) in a year in which he was deserving of MVP before being robbed by Aaron Rodgers. All right, so the Bears need to draft a cornerback. Maybe two. Better get some draft picks.

•   On the other side of the field, I’m digging how Brad Biggs, Colleen Kane, and Dan Wiederer (Tribune) answered a question about the Bears and a possible receiver fit., Kane and Wiederer circled Alabama’s John Metchie III, who is one of my favorite prospects in this draft and would be a sensible long-term option for this offense. Biggs tabs George Pickens, the Georgia receiver – who like Metchie, would probably be a first-rounder if not for injuries. Any time you can snag a first-round caliber talent on Day 2, it’s hard not to be on board with that value.

•   A hearty congratulations is in order for these two gents:

•   Not something the Bears have to deal with until after Year 3 of Justin Fields’ rookie contract, but I’m still keeping an eye on it:

•   Oh, Thomas:

•   If Bears and Packers receivers stepped on a field, would Darnell Mooney be the best of the bunch?

•   OPE! Baseball’s version of the Packers fumbled the bag in glorious fashion last night:

•   The Bulls have a ways to go before they’re on the Bucks’ level. That much we’ve learned though four games of these NBA Playoffs. But Zach LaVine isn’t *THE* thing holding them back:

•   I hope the feeling is mutual on the Blackhawks end:

Author: Luis Medina

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