Pre-Gamin': The 2022 NFL Draft (7:00 CT): Bears Picks, Needs, Broadcast Info, Draft Thread, More

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Pre-Gamin’: The 2022 NFL Draft (7:00 CT): Bears Picks, Needs, Broadcast Info, Draft Thread, More

Chicago Bears

The year is 2022, and once again, the Chicago Bears enter the NFL Draft without a Day 1 pick.

Unless something drastic happens, this will be third time in four years in which Chicago’s football team hasn’t had a Day 1 selection.

On the one hand, it’s a bummer. But on the other hand, we can kick back, relax, and enjoy the festivities and root for our favorite rivals to fumble the bag when they’re on the clock. This is old hat for us at this point.

NFL Draft weekend represents the final major phase of the player acquisition portion of the offseason. And one we’ve been waiting for since first-year GM Ryan Poles was notably conservative in the free agent and trade markets. For the last few months, the Bears have sat on the outside, lingering on the periphery, and watching others around the league make a bevy of splashy moves. But with NFL Draft weekend here, it’s the Bears turn to make some noise.

Not so much on Day 1. But maybe we’ll be surprised.

Draft Info

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Dates and rounds: April 28 (Round 1), April 29 (Rounds 2-3), April 30 (Rounds 4-7)

Round 1 start time: 7 p.m. CT

How to watch/stream: ABC, ESPN, NFL Network, ESPN Deportes,

Bears Picks


Round 1: No picks. Sorry.

As a reminder, the Bears do not have a first or fourth-round pick, as both were sent to the Giants in the trade that allowed the Beas to draft Justin Fields. And I think we’d rather have him over any of the prospects in this class.

What QB prospect is doing this?

Thanks, Giants.


Round 2: Picks 39 and 48

If the Bears want to trade in to the first round, their most alluring pick is No. 39 overall. But in order to make a surprise move to get a pick tonight, they’ll need to mortgage future draft capital. It’s not that there aren’t a bundle of teams hoping to trade down. But it is tough to find a Bears fit that makes sense.

Round 3: Pick 71


Round 4: None.

Round 5: Picks 148 and 150

Round 6: Pick 186

Round 7: Zilch. Because the Packers own the Bears’ seventh-rounder, by way of Houston. Yep, that’s right. The Packers got the pick Ryan Pace sent to the Texans with Anthony Miller. Green Bay ended up with it as part of the Randall Cobb deal. Go fire.

Four Bears Needs

•  Wide receiver
•  Offensive line
•  Cornerback
•  3-technique defensive tackle

First-Round Order

1) Jacksonville
2) Detroit
3) Houston
4) NY Jets
5) NY Giants
6) Carolina
7) NY Giants (via Bears)
8) Atlanta
9) Seattle (via Denver)
10) Seattle (via NY Jets)
11) Washington
12) Minnesota
13) Houston (via Cleveland)
14) Baltimore
15) Philadelphia (via Miami)
16) New Orleans (via Indianapolis)
17) LA Chargers
18) Philadelphia (via New Orleans)
19) New Orleans (via Philadelphia)
20) Pittsburgh
21) New England
22) Green Bay (via Las Vegas)
23) Arizona
24) Dallas
25) Buffalo
26) Tennessee
27) Tampa Bay
28) Green Bay
29) Kansas City (via San Francisco)
30) Kansas City
31) Cincinnati
32) Detroit (via LA Rams)

Draft Thread

Your draft thread is down in the comments, so let’s have some good, clean (safe-for-work) fun. It’s good to be back talking about picking in the first round. Hopefully, this pick is someone we talk about for many days, months, and years to come. Preferably for all the right reasons.

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