TRADE(S): The Bears Just Turned Three Day 3 Picks Into Seven(!)

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TRADE(S): The Bears Just Turned Three Day 3 Picks Into Seven(!)

Chicago Bears

If at first you don’t succeed, try again is one of those life lessons you learn as a youngster and apply throughout life.

And when it comes to Bears GM Ryan Poles, his continued insistence on mentioning how much he was desiring to trade for more picks is finally paying off. It boils down to this, the Bears have turned three picks into seven.

Here’s the breakdown:

The Bears have more Day 3 picks than they had total picks entering the weekend.

Here’s what the Bears have left:

Round 6, Pick 166
Round 6, Pick 168
Round 6, Pick 186
Round 6, Pick 203
Round 6, Pick 207
Round 7, Pick 254
Round 7, Pick 255

Look at all those picks. Not a bad way to close out draft weekend festivities. Let’s make the most of these newfound picks. Go get ’em, Ryan!

Our original post is as followed.

At the top of today’s NFL Network broadcast of the NFL Draft’s third day, Rich Eosin announced the Bears had made a trade to acquire more picks.

The announcement was a bit cluttered and confusing. Especially because of how it got squeezed in right before the day’s first selection was made. But now that it’s officially official, we can sort through the madness:

All right, so the Bears now have two seventh-round picks. And they went about getting them in the most peculiar fashion. This Bears-Chargers trade involves the sixth-round pick Chicago was set to get from L.A. in 2023 as part of the Khalil Mack trade. But instead of getting that pick next year, the Bears have sent that selection back to the Chargers in exchange for the 254th and 255th picks in *THIS YEAR’S* draft. Chicago goes from having no seventh-round picks to two. And all it cost them was a pick in next year’s class. One that wasn’t even originally theirs. The oddity of it all is kinda hilarious if you allow yourself to sit, think about it, and chuckle.

In the end, the Bears traded Mack for a second-round pick (Jaquan Brisker) and two seventh-round selections. And because of the roster holes this team has right now, those two picks stand to have a good chance of making the season-opening 53-man roster. Suddenly, the light-ish return of the initial Mack trade makes sense. If you’ll recall, compensatory draft pick selections weren’t announced until after that deal was cut. This is a smooth piece of work by Bears GM Ryan Poles, as well as his counterpart with the Chargers. That’s some clever bookkeeping. I’ll give ’em that much. I’m looking forward to seeing what the Bears make of those late-round lottery tickets.

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.