The Bears Drafted *ANOTHER* Offensive Lineman, This Time It's San Diego State's Zachary Thomas

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The Bears Drafted *ANOTHER* Offensive Lineman, This Time It’s San Diego State’s Zachary Thomas

Chicago Bears

After watching the Bears pass on taking an offensive lineman with their three Day 2 picks, Chicago has chosen blockers with two of the team’s first three selections on Day 3.

Not only is this becoming one of those “better late than never” situations, it is turning into a place where the Bears are addressing a need with a volume approach.

First, it was Braxton Jones. And now, it is Zachary Thomas:

Not to be confused with the seven-time Pro Bowl and five-time All-Pro linebacker who shares the same name, the Zach Thomas the Bears just plucked in the 2022 NFL Draft is a 6-5, 308-pound lineman who projects to play guard at the next level.

A first-team All-Mountain West tackle in 2021, Thomas is an offensive tackle by trade, with 17 starts at right tackle and 12 on the left side. He even played a bit at right guard before moving outside at San Diego State. However, the expectation is he will slide inside to guard where his frame and skills might play better and more efficiently. At minimum, it is nice to have a player with versatility in their background.

Gosh, this is such a smooth looking run for a lineman:

As a developmental option, Thomas seems to be the type of player an offensive line coach can’t wait to get their hands on:

The Bears still have a handful of picks to make before they’re done for the afternoon. Are more linemen on the horizon? Maybe some receivers? Could Chicago target a running back? The Bears seem to be targeting athletic players with upside on Day 3. Perhaps that trend continues with their upcoming selections.

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