Bears Promote Jeff King to Co-Director of Player Personnel (A Position He'll Share With Trey Koziol)

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Bears Promote Jeff King to Co-Director of Player Personnel (A Position He’ll Share With Trey Koziol)

Chicago Bears

As we were discussing in this morning’s Bullets, changes are coming to the Chicago Bears’ front office.

And by that, we mean further changes. Because hiring a new general manager (Ryan Poles) and creating a an assistant general manager position (Ian Cunningham) were just the beginning. The latest shake-up elevates Jason King and has him sharing a title with a newcomer on the Bears’ scene:

King gets a promotion to Co-Director of Player Personnel, a title he’ll share with newcomer Trey Koziol. It might’ve gotten lost in the free agency shuffle back in March, but the Bears brought Koziol just before the offseason rush. Now, not only is his addition to the front office is officially official, we know who he shares his fancy new title with moving forward. And it comes with some pretty nifty praise:

As for King, the other partner in this equation, this is a step up the organizational ladder. King played tight end in the NFL for the Panthers (2006-10) and Cardinals (2011-12) before joining the Bears in a variety of roles. He was a scouting intern in 2015 before moving into a full-time pro scouting position in 2016, receiving a promotion to Assistant Director of Pro Scouting, and finally the Director of Pro Scouting. Just as we love seeing players climb the depth chart and earn bigger roles with each passing year, we dig it when someone who has been with the front office since 2015 continue to grow within the org. And that’s what is happening with King in Chicago. Kudos and a well-deserved tip-of-the cap.

If you’ll recall, the Panthers had interest in hiring King for their Assistant GM position in 2021. That job ultimately went to former Panthers teammate Dan Morgan. But King would go on to receive a promotion with the Bears later in the offseason. It’s a sign of a healthy(ish) organization when front office folks continue to get promotions. And it certainly is a good look when a new regime keeps around key members of the old guard.

I don’t imagine this will be the end of such moves as the front office turnover continues. So, stay tuned…

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.