Rookies Get Their Numbers, Finke's Fit, Staley Signs Another Old Friend, and Other Bears Bullets

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Rookies Get Their Numbers, Finke’s Fit, Staley Signs Another Old Friend, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

The White Sox really did a number on the Cubs the last two days. Today is a baseball off day for both sides of town, which gives Cubs fans an opportunity to look at 2023 MLB mock drafts. Those are a thing right?

•   The Bears did a football transaction that involved a wide receiver. Meet Chris Finke, who inspired quite a Twitter thread:


•   Finke joins the Bears on a waiver claim from the Chiefs. That makes him just the latest player with ties to Bears GM Ryan Poles from his time in Kansas City. On top of that, Finke was a college teammate of Bears tight end Cole Kmet at Notre Dame. It’s always good to know friends in high places, as well as people who work under them. As for what Finke brings from an on-field perspective, this pre-draft overview from analyst Lance Zierlein captures it succinctly:

Smallish slot target who operates with consistent play speed and soft hands, but lacks the physical/play traits to stand out in the crowd. He gets moderate separation against average competition but athletic slot cornerbacks with the ability to hound his release will be tough for him to beat. His punt return ability helps his cause but it’s an uphill battle for a slot spot on a roster.

•   That snapshot sure checks some boxes that the Bears were probably looking to fill this offseason. Receiver who has the ability to create separation when given the right matchups. Check. Special teams skills. Double check. Option to catch passes out of the slot, where the Bears have had issues finding bodies. Triple check. Finke’s size and the lack of physicality in his game will limit what he can do. But adding him to the receiver mix represents an ongoing trend of Bears newbies.

•   The Bears DBs will be wearing QB numbers in 2022:

•   Death. Taxes. And the Bears punter wearing No. 16.

•   Not gonna lie, they had me there for a second with Hicks 37. It’s going to take a moment for me to get used to Hicks not being No. 96. And playing in the secondary instead of along the defensive line.

•   NFL insider Aaron Wilson reports the Eagles cut offensive lineman Nate Herbig. It was put out there earlier in the week that Herbig was hitting the waiver wire, seemingly in a last gasp attempt by Philly to generate trade interest before losing a player for nothing. But there wasn’t a nibble or a bite, so Herbig will soon hit free agency (should he clear waivers). The Bears have the seventh priority on the waiver, so they could scoop him up if the teams ahead of them don’t do it first. Maybe it won’t come into play now, but being where they are on the waiver wire could be helpful depending on who else hits the market. Always something good to keep in mind.

•   As is this: If anyone is well-positioned to know what Herbig could bring to the table, it’s Bears Assistant GM Ian Cunningham. Before landing in Chicago, Cunningham was the Eagles’ Director of Player Personnel (2021), Assistant Director of Player Personnel (2019-20), and Director of College Scouting (2017-18). Cunningham has had eyes on Herbig throughout his career with the Eagles. I imagine if the Bears don’t show an interest in Herbig, it might be a sign that he isn’t the fit he might otherwise look to be for this team.

•   Maybe the Bears can be the new Patriots in terms of finding these under-the-radar dudes with good workout numbers who turn into useful pieces on a 53-man roster. If they can, we’ll remember that the process begins with tryouts like the one that will happen this weekend at Halas Hall:


•   Bears fans looking out for their brethren:

•   After trading for Khalil Mack, Brandon Staley continues his attempt to rebuild the 2018 Bears defense:

•   If a Baker Mayfield trade isn’t happening until June, I don’t think a Nick Foles trade was ever happening:


•   Shot:

•   Chaser:

•   After watching Ryan Tannehill’s last playoff start, I don’t know if I’d want him mentoring a rookie QB.

•   But, hey, every QB1 can’t be as open to their young apprentice as Andy Dalton was to Justin Fields:

•   Having a coach who knows what’s up is an important thing to have in your organization:

•   Was Matt Eberflus there, too?

•   Another re-tooling on the Chicago sports scene:

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.