Ryan Poles Re-Iterates: "We're All In" on Justin Fields

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Ryan Poles Re-Iterates: “We’re All In” on Justin Fields

Chicago Bears

The actions of this front office over the offseason sure seem to tell a certain unflattering story when it comes to how the Bears feel about Justin Fields. Indeed, we’ve shared our concerns about how they haven’t yet built a modern, competent, and competitive offense around the rising second-year quarterback (and it’s not like the NFL Draft did much to quell those fears).

But the words being said publicly are coming through loud and clear: Ryan Poles believes in Justin Fields.

While making the media rounds on Friday, the Bears’ first-year general manager found himself re-iterating the team is all-in on Fields. And in turn, Fields appears to be all-in on being the best he can be.

This snippet from Poles during his appearance on the Molly and Haugh show on 670 The Score made my ears perk:

My level of belief is sky high. The one thing you can tell, the way this guy is moving around the building right now he is locked on, he is focused, and he wants to be great. He is a first-in, last-out type guy. Not even type guy, he is that guy. And he’s pulling this team together. You can tell the effect he has on other people. All these guys are showing up, they’re going to work, they’re doing extra with him. He’s locked in with Luke (Getsy). It’s really cool to see. His presence is showing up and he’s starting to take over.

Obviously, we have to get to camp and preseason games. And there’s a long journey here. There will be some ups and downs, especially with a new system that he’s gotta get through. I know he’s cleaning up some techniques, so it’s not all going to be perfect. But it’s coming, and my belief is sky high with him.

All of this is so refreshing to hear. From Poles insisting the team plans on setting Fields up to succeed in the future, to his description of Fields as a “first-in, last-out” guy, to Fields taking the initiative and his teammates following his lead. Even the stuff Poles says about the bumps in the road that will come later in the year is notable. Setting reasonable expectations isn’t sexy, but it is important to keep when it comes to forming perspective as we continue to make our way through what remains of the offseason.

Even still … at the end of the day, Poles’ actions will speak louder than words when it comes to his belief in Fields. It’s cliché, to be sure. But every cliché has a morsel of truth in it. It’s just that, to this point of the offseason, the moves he’s made at the outset of Fields career haven’t been in lock-step with how other teams have gone about building offenses around young quarterbacks on rookie-scale contracts. That is concerning. But let’s not go overboard just yet.

Poles looks to be building a team that – if Fields shows the slightest hint of growth – will be in a better spot to go H.A.M. when it comes to building an offense next offseason.

Remember, Chicago will have its own first-round pick in 2023, and it projects to be a top-10 selection in what looks to be a loaded receiver class. On top of that, OverTheCap.com estimates the Bears will have $116,733,406 in cap space. That is the most of any team in the NFL next year. So if Fields can reward the Bears’ public show of faith with incremental growth, Poles can back his words with all sorts of action. But for now, the words will have to do.

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.