Here It Is! Chicago Radio Host Danny Parkins Leaked the Bears Schedule On Air This Morning

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Here It Is! Chicago Radio Host Danny Parkins Leaked the Bears Schedule On Air This Morning

Chicago Bears

As someone schooled in old-school capital-J #Journalism and brought up in the new era of digital reporting, I know that everyone knows somebody. Everybody has a source. And in Chicago, which can feel like the biggest small town in the world (or smallest big town?), word can spread fast.

Today’s reminder was Danny Parkins going on the 670 The Score airwaves during Dan Bernstein’s show to leak the entire Chicago Bears schedule. In case you didn’t check in on Bullets (c’mon, man!), today is NFL schedule release day. So while the officially official stuff won’t go out until tonight when the league reveals it on a show on NFL Network, Parkins gave out gems with early Bears leaks.

And. Here. We. Go.

Week 1: vs. 49ers

Week 2: at Packers on Sunday Night Football

We discussed this one earlier

Week 3: vs. Texans

Lovie Smith returns and he is (hopefully) bringing his big beard with him!

Week 4: at Giants

The first of two trips to the greater New York area.

Week 5: at Vikings

Week 6: vs. Commanders on Thursday Night Football

Ron Rivera returns to his old stomping ground. And this time, the team he coaches has a name.

Week 7: at Patriots on Monday Night Football

Justin Fields vs. Mac Jones in a battle of the last two first-round QBs chosen in the first round in 2021. Expect plenty of Belichick-Palpatine crossover memes in primetime, as I’ve still not seen those two in the same place at the same time.

Week 8: at Cowboys

Week 9: vs. Dolphins

Eh, I wish this one came later in the season. It still won’t be cold enough to garner a real home-field advantage against the warm-weather Fins.

Week 10: vs. Lions (NOT ON THANKSGIVING!)

Week 11: at Falcons

A visit to old friend Ryan Pace, who I hope has connections on a wings deal at Magic City. 

Week 12: at Jets

I guess the NFL spared the Bears from spending two weeks in New Jersey?

Week 13: vs. Packers

Week 14: Off

After a home tilt against the Cheesedoodles, I’ll surely be taking full advantage of the bye.

Week 15: vs. Eagles

Week 16: vs. Bills (on Christmas Eve!)

All I want for Christmas is you … to GET THE TABLES!

Week 17: at Lions

Week 18: vs. Vikings

My, my, my … how the turntables. Instead of traveling to Minnesota to close out the regular season, the Bears get to play host for a change. 

It isn’t the best schedule if you’re hoping for something ridiculously different. Or if you were looking for a destination Bears game. There are no winter trips to sunny California or Florida this time around. But if you haven’t been to Jerryworld in Arlington or the spankin’ new facility the Falcons play at in Atlanta, this could be an opportune time to go. Ideally, members of the Bears brass take copious notes on what they (should) want in a new stadium.

We’ll dig into the schedule more later. In the meantime, I’ll be plotting the course for a 17-0 season if you need me.

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.