One NFL Analyst Sees Will Fuller V as a Fit for the Chicago Bears (And I'm Inclined to Agree)

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One NFL Analyst Sees Will Fuller V as a Fit for the Chicago Bears (And I’m Inclined to Agree)

Chicago Bears

Not that you needed a reminder, but the Bears (as of today) will look different following the roster cuts that come after the preseason. However, the roster could still see a tweak or two between now and when training camp opens in July.

Indeed, there are a handful of positions Chicago could stand to add some talent. Whether it is for a battle for a starting spot or to work around the edges, a general manager’s job never feels done. And when you’re re-tooling a roster like Ryan Poles is in his first season, there is no amount of tinkering that could be considered too much.

With that being said, I found it interesting that NFL analyst Lindsey Yok sees the Bears as a fit for one of the few relatively high-profile free agent receivers still on the market:

To be clear, Yok isn’t hearing any specific Bears-Fuller rumors. So, don’t expect a breaking news tweet from Rapoport or Schefter any time soon. Instead, Yok shares her opinion that Chicago would be a best fit situation for Fuller. And it doesn’t take much of an imagination to explore how/why he’d make a whole lotta sense as a Bears free agent target. In fact, that ties directly into the conversation we were having about available free agents just yesterday.

I’ve been wondering if we have been looking past free agents who might still fit within the framework of this new front office. Players who could come in on a short-term contract. Someone who could be a one-year stop-gap. Perhaps use their time in Chicago to rebuild their résumé before resurfacing in free agency next offseason. To that end, Fuller was one of the first players who came to mind:

Fuller remains the healthiest receiver fit on the market for these Bears. Matching these two would make so much sense. The Bears could use one more proven receiver who could provide a vertical threat. And Fuller could use a team that could best use his skills with Justin Fields’ deep ball proficiency.

It is as true today as it was yesterday. The Bears’ need to bolster their receivers room cannot be overstated. Fuller needs a home. Ideally, a place that could give him starter’s reps and employs a quarterback who can throw a deep ball. Chicago checks both of those boxes. Of course, Fuller has his own set of concerns. He has been unable to put together a fully healthy season of big-time production, which is one of reason he remains a free agent. But in spurts, Fuller has been a strong receiver. And with his deep-ball catching proficiency, he is someone a team like the Bears should be inquiring about as they round out their roster.

Now that we’re in June, I can say – with authority – that Bears things will ramp up with starting next month. Yippee! We’ll need to get through another round of OTAs (beginning June 6) and mandatory minicamp (starting June 14) before we get through the woods. But once we clear that, it is full speed ahead to training camp in July. And then preseason games in August. Eventually, we’ll reach the regular-season kickoff in September. It is almost close enough to taste. But if the Bears have a surprise transaction (or two) between now and then, I’d be into it. Who doesn’t like surprises?  Especially if it is someone who could be as helpful as Fuller.

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.