A Last Look at Hicks, Cleaning Up Nice, Kyler Gordon Baseball Guy, and Other Bears Bullets

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A Last Look at Hicks, Cleaning Up Nice, Kyler Gordon Baseball Guy, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

Have you ever gone out to eat, came close to ordering something, then deciding “nah, I’ll pass on that because I can cook it better at home?”

Anyway, I’m planning on making chicky parm tonight because it’s been on my mind for about 12 hours or so…

•   One last look at an Akiem Hicks sizzle reel before we fully turn the page:

•   I think we’ll look back fondly at Hicks’ career in Chicago, but I’m not sure we’ll fully capture his value and presence. Because not only was he a tremendous player, he was also a key piece on a team that went from bottom-of-the-barrel in 2016 to a squad that was in the playoffs twice in a three-year stretch in which the team didn’t have a losing season. On top of that, Hicks was a forward facing member of the franchise in terms of marketability and community efforts. Sometimes that stuff gets overlooked, but it shouldn’t. And I’ll never forget his candid commentary on a number of issues. Wishing him the best of luck in Tampa Bay, especially when the Bucs play the Packers in Week 3.

•   It isn’t just the base defensive front changing from three defensive linemen to four that has my interest in this group. Instead, it is the vast number of bodies vying for roles. Justin Jones and Al-Quadin Muhammad are veteran free agent signings on multi-year deals who essentially have roles carved out for them upon arrival. But there are many others who have so much to prove.

⇒   For instance, rookie Dominique Robinson is still transitioning from being a wide receiver in college. How aggressive will the Bears be in developing him with some on-the-job training?

⇒   Second-year player Khyiris Tonga was brought in to be a developmental nose tackle in a 3-4 front. Is there spot for him in a 4-3 lineup? Or will his pick be seen as a sunk cost inherited from a previous regime?

⇒   And what will Mario Edwards Jr. and Angelo Blackson do in a new defense? Both came to Chicago as veteran depth pieces in prior offseasons. However, they are playing for a new head coach, defensive coordinator, and position coach. Are they still in depth roles? Potential trade pieces? Future cap casualties? Not that the Bears need the cap space (they’re $22M under right now), but cutting Blackson ($1.85M) and Edwards ($438K) could bring the team to $24,498,712 under the cap. But Blackson (30) and Edwards (28) are still young enough to fit that mold of being a useful bridge piece to the next great Bears team. Training camp and the preseason will clear things up. Right?

•   A different look at creating luck and turnovers, which is something the Bears have had a knack for over the years:


•   “Jim McMahon was kind of the anti-Johnny Unitas” is the perfect description of the popular Super Bowl XX-winning Bears QB:

•   The gang showed out at last night’s Bears Care Gala:

•   Even though I was there in person (with a good view, no less), it was still cool to see the Caleb Kilian highlights from last night in today’s BN Cubs Bullets. Hope to see more in the future.

•   Hindsight being what it is, David Ross probably should’ve let Kyler Gordon pitch the 10th last night:

•   Ha! The Marlins broke out a football helmet in celebration of a walk-off win last night. Although, I don’t think Jesús Sánchez wasn’t really into it:


•   Gimme one of these … at Soldier Field … on a a snowy gameday. Please?

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