How Much Could the McCaskeys Get if They Put the Bears Up For Sale? (And Other Bears Bullets)

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How Much Could the McCaskeys Get if They Put the Bears Up For Sale? (And Other Bears Bullets)

Chicago Bears

Grilled chicken parm is one of the top-5 dinners I’ve ever made. Glad that the weather was in a cooperative mood and let me grill last night.

•   What could the McCaskey family get if they put the Bears on the market? The thought crossed my mind Friday when reading Patrick’s Bulls Bullets, in which he shared news that Nike founder Phil Knight and Dodgers part-owner Alan Smolinksy were angling to buy the Portland Trail Blazers for more than $2 billion. Fast forward to today, and the Broncos look to be on the cusp of selling for a number north of $4 billion. That Denver deal isn’t anywhere close to being finalized. And there are reports of Portland’s basketball club isn’t even up for sale right now. Nevertheless, I can’t shake this thought from my brain. What about the Bears?

•   This isn’t as far-fetched of an ideas one might otherwise think. In May 2021, reporting surfaced that the McCaskeys were debating selling the Bears due to “internal strife” among family members. And while it was clear that selling the Bears wasn’t imminently on the table, that we were having the discussion was noteworthy. More than a year later, this is information worth keeping in our back pocket, especially since rumored potential buyers included was Pat Ryan (an 84-year-old businessman who already has a share of team ownership) and Neil Bluhm (another billionaire with Bears ties due to his connections to Churchill Downs Inc. (which owns the Arlington International property the Bears are fixin’ to buy and is a co-founder of the Bears’ official casino/sportsbook partner). So, again, I’m asking: What could the McCaskeys get if they put the Bears up for sale?

In August 2021, Forbes’ valuation of the Bears was at $4.075 billion. And I imagine that number will be on the rise again once these evaluators calculate the potential impact of a new stadium in Arlington Heights. Heck, moving on from Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy at the start of the offseason should be worth a few billi on its own, amiright!?

•   Another round of OTAs is scheduled for today (June 6), tomorrow (June 7), and Thursday (June 9). After this, the next big Bears event is mandatory minicamp starting June 14. Unlike the voluntary OTAs, mandatory minicamp means everyone is supposed to be there (unless they have an excused absence). There shouldn’t be any hassles this year. But Eddie Goldman’s absence last year came as a bit of a surprise. But Goldman is gone, having been cut earlier in the offseason after the team was unable to find a trade partner. Even still … I hope history doesn’t repeat itself. These Bears need all hands on deck with a new head coach and fresh schemes on both sides of the ball.

•   There are 97 days until Chicago’s football team kicks off its regular season. Which reminds me that Mark Anderson is one of the best 97’s to wear a Baers uni in recent memory. Remember his rookie year in 2016? Anderson was a fifth-round pick in 2006 who was contributing immediately. And with good reason, too. Anderson joined a loaded defense with Brian Urlacher, Lance Briggs, peak Tommie Harris, Alex Brown, Charles Tillman, and others. Talk about being in the right place at the right time. The Alabama made the most of his situation, collecting 12 sacks in a season in which he finished second behind DeMeco Ryans in the AP’s Defensive Rookie of the Year voting. Who’s your favorite No. 97?

•   I hope there are more Bears on this list when they refresh it after this upcoming season:

•   The College Football Hall of Fame is one of the coolest places I was able to visit last year after travel restrictions eased up nationwide. And its next class looks to be loaded:

•   *Grabs popcorn and pulls up a chair*

•   A casual reminder that Father’s Day is around the corner:

•   “Guarantee” is a strong word to use five months before the offseason even begins, but you have my attention:

•   It sounds like the Blackhawks are open for business:

•   Basketball fans have known changes were on the horizon in Utah, but I can’t say I saw this coming:

Author: Luis Medina

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