Matt Eberflus, Cole Kmet, and Lucas Patrick Reveal What the Bears Offense Will Look Like

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Matt Eberflus, Cole Kmet, and Lucas Patrick Reveal What the Bears Offense Will Look Like

Chicago Bears

During the first round of voluntary minicamp practices, things sounded rough for the Chicago Bears. I didn’t want to sound any alarms, but it was certainly unsettling to read through the early reports.

Of course, that wasn’t entirely unexpected, not when we’ve got a new head coach with a new offensive coordinator and play-caller implementing a new scheme with an incomplete roster.

And fortunately, since then, progress is being made in Chicago. The Bears are making the most of their first offseason training activities of the Poles-Eberflus era. And we’re finally getting an inkling of what this offense is supposed to look like from the players and coaches who will be most involved.

Matt Eberflus Wants to Go Long

The Bears head coach sounds like he’s ready to go deep, saying (via the Sun-Times) “we’re gonna take our shots down the field” while gushing over Fields’ deep ball. Utilizing Fields’ deep-ball throwing talents could open up so much for this Bears offense. Heck, merely getting away from a scheme that had defenders sitting on hitch routes short of the sticks feels like a significant improvement.

Cole Kmet Hints at Being Rejuvenated By the New Guys

Kmet figures to be a key cog in the mix, too. Kmet could have new life in a system that actually uses its tight ends — as opposed to the previous scheme that seemed to only talk about the importance of using the position but not fully following through with what was said. And it sure sounds like Kmet’s optimism about his usage is rooted in having fresh faces in charge as part of the offseason regime change:

“Yeah, starting over again, but I’m optimistic,” Kmet said, via the Bears’ website. “I’m totally bought in to what’s going on here. Coach Eberflus is coming with a great mindset that I think is really good for this team. We’re young, but I’m totally bought in to what’s going on here and I’m excited for it.

“He’s a straight shooter, which is awesome. You know exactly what he wants. There’s no gray area. As a player, that’s all you can ask for.”

But it’s not just the new coaches and scheme that has Kmet feeling the good vibes. It’s also how Fields’ athleticism projects to be used. Kmet offered an Easter egg (via ESPN): “I don’t want to get too much in detail with it, but Justin’s on the move a lot, and I think he does well with that,” Kmet said. “What’s been exciting to see, and you see the types of throws he can make with his legs and on the run and off-schedule.”

More mobility from Fields? Yes, please!

Lucas Patrick Reveals the Offense’s Identity

If this quote from new center Lucas Patrick is what Bears football is going to be under new play caller Luke Getsy, then sign me the heck up:

“Football is played a certain way,” Patrick said, via 670 The Score. “It’s not a contact sport. It’s a collision sport. And we as the offensive line have two duties whether it’s run or pass. If it’s a run, we’re denting the defense. If it’s a pass, we’re setting a wall. That’s the expectation that every man should have when they put on a Chicago Bears helmet as an offensive lineman.”

This is Bears football in a nutshell. That is to say, this is what Bears offensive football is supposed to be before it gets bogged down in nonsense. Hopefully, the new line’s bite is as big as its bark.

In The End…

All right, so they didn’t give up a game plan. Nor was anyone too specific regarding details of what the offense will look like. But that’s fine. We probably want to be met with a pleasant surprise in Week 1 anyway. Nevertheless, the inklings Eberflus, Kmet, and Patrick gave are enough to give me a sliver of hope as they continue to build that thing out.

At minimum, we have something more concrete to go off than what we had before. And that’s worth something.

Today begins the third round of voluntary OTAs. And while I’ll be sure to not take too much from this, I’m holding out a sliver of hope that more positive reports come from this week. Obviously, having a healthy set of Bears is the priority here. But if Chicago’s football team can get through this week healthy and show continued signs of progress, then it would be a net win for all.

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.