A Shake-up in the Trenches, Fields Makes Gains, Virginia & the Coach, and Other Bears Bullets

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A Shake-up in the Trenches, Fields Makes Gains, Virginia & the Coach, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

Have enough people watched Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Ep. 5 yet? Because I wanna do Ep. 5 memes!

  • Shout out to the Bears beat reporters who captured this moment with their tweets. And big ups to the Bears for actually sharing the video:

Me: I’m not gonna get too high over a practice throw in June. Nope, sure won’t. I’m definitely not gonna get too high over a practice throw in June.

Also, me: *begins calculating how much a trip to the Super Bowl would cost for myself and my pals*

  • OK, but seriously … it is nice to see eyes-on reports expressing Justin Fields looking good and completing throws. We’ve seen far too many reports about the defense being ahead of the offense, so it was nice to see Fields and the gang strike back. Now, to make those throws with consistency in practices at training camp in July, during preseason games in August, and ultimately, more of them throughout the regular season that kicks off in September. Let the throw above be a building block for something special to come down the line.
  • An important line from Josh Schrock’s notebook at NBC Sports Chicago (bold emphasis mine): “Still, it was a positive day for the offense and Fields, who rarely has had back-to-back poor outings.” That Fields isn’t letting rough outings stack up and spiral his development is a wonderful nugget.
  • I still have concerns about the offensive line. However, I’m allowing myself to give Head Coach Matt Eberflus and Offensive Line Coach Chris Morgan runway to do what is right for the Bears. Even still … I don’t love how Teven Jenkins is seemingly getting pushed down the offensive line spectrum. To go from ending last season as the left tackle of the future to ending mandatory full-squad minicamps as the second-string right tackle has me feeling itchy. However, I do like this quote from Eberflus (via Chris Emma): “There could be switches after this segment of the offseason, leading into training camp.” In other words, don’t get too attached to the offensive line you see now. And don’t get too bogged down in the details of who’s playing where at this particular moment. It can all change when training camp opens in July.
  • On the other side of the line, I feel less itchy about Robert Quinn’s absence. Firstly, because Quinn – as a vested veteran – has earned the benefit of the doubt in terms of training on his own. It is what he did last year before turning in a record-breaking season. And while Quinn was at last year’s mandatory minicamp, I’m willing to give him some leeway due to his overall track record until he proves me wrong. With that being said, the Bears are in a good place at the defensive end position without Quinn. That’s because Quinn’s absence allows young players such as rising third-year defender Trevis Gipson and rookie Dominique Robinson to get more on-field work this time of year. Let’s face it. The next great Bears team is more likely to feature Gipson and Robinson than it is to include Quinn. With that being said, Patrick Finley (Sun-Times) writes about the upstart defensive ends taking advantage of Quinn being unavailable.
  • It really is nice to see Virginia Halas McCaskey in good health as she enters the 2022 season with the seventh different head coach employed by the team since she stepped into an executive role in 1983:
  • The beauty of baseball is that there is a good chance you’ll see something you’ve never seen before (and might not ever see again):
  • The NBA Finals returns to Boston tonight in what could be a close-out game for Golden State. But I don’t think this guy is invited to the party:
  • Caleb Kilian delivered a dud in his return to the Cubs rotation, but there are still some worthwhile takeaways from his outing:
  • That’s a really good question:

Author: Luis Medina

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