Rob Gronkowski Announces His Retirement, But His Agent Says Not So Fast...

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Rob Gronkowski Announces His Retirement, But His Agent Says Not So Fast…

Chicago Bears

Rob Gronkowski is retiring.


Word from Gronk himself:

Gronkowski, 33, is an all-time great and sure-fire Hall of Fame tight end. If this is truly the end of the road for the University of Arizona product, he’ll go down in history as a great ones. Gronk closes the books with 621 career catches, 9,286 receiving yards, and 92 touchdowns. He won four Super Bowl titles, made five Pro Bowls, collected first-team All-Pro honors four times, and earned the reputation that comes with being one of the most entertaining characters in NFL history. Not to mention being one of the few players in league history to revolutionize his position. There aren’t specific stats for that, but if you know, you know. And if you were watching Gronk play ball from 2010-21, then you already know.

However, Gronkowski’s agent isn’t quite ready to say the top-tier tight end is done:

Classic Gronk!

NFL super agent Drew Rosenhaus planting the seeds of a possible Gronkowski return is exactly what I would expect to come alongside a “retirement” announcement. It starts with a hint of a return later in June, which means a tease of Gronk working out won’t be too far behind. Eventually, rumors of an in-season return will be on the horizon. And, ultimately, if Tom Brady calls up his old pal and asks if he is ready for one last dance, this story will end with Gronkowski boogying one lat time.

OR maybe this time Gronk’s retirement is for real. At age 33, Gronkowski doesn’t have anything left to prove. And after playing an injury-shortened 2021 season, maybe the eccentric star has something else he wants to tackle. We all know that football players don’t suit up forever. Even the greats call it a career. But those with personalities like Gronkowski tend to find a way to hang around the game. And judging by Rosenhaus’ response, Gronkowski’s hiatus might be a temporary one. At minimum, it’s something we can’t rule out a return to the playing field.

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.