Re-Draft Steals, Brisker Balls Out, RBs to Touch Gloves, Watson Watch, and Other Bears Bullets

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Re-Draft Steals, Brisker Balls Out, RBs to Touch Gloves, Watson Watch, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

While flipping channels last night, I stumbled upon the Dodgers getting shut out by Chad Kuhl and the Rockies — AT COORS FIELD. Is MLB experimenting with dead balls in hitters parks? I don’t think the powers that be at MLB are that clever or cunning enough to try something so brash. But I wouldn’t put it past them to try it either. What an odd year of baseball it has been, and we’re not even at the All-Star Break yet.

  • In an offseason that has seen Tom Brady retire (and un-retire), Aaron Rodgers keep Packers drama at a minimum, and Tommy Pham become synonymous with fantasy football follies, a boxing match between Adrian Peterson and Le’Veon Bell is the oddest NFL offseason development of them all:
  • Frankly, I hope the stipulations of this bout include a caveat that makes this a “Loser Leaves Town” match.
  • Unless Matt Eberflus has sanctioned a boxing match because he feels it can boost team morale, I hope to see no fisticuffs between Bears teammates this summer. Moreover, the only battling I plan on witnessing are one-on-one battles for playing time. One area at the top of my watch list this summer is in the defensive backfield, where the Bears could have as many as three new starters. If Jaylon Johnson and Eddie Jackson can be strong forces anchoring the secondary, it will help rookies Jaquan Brisker and Kyler Gordon get their feet under them and launch them on the road to making this position group a strength.
  • In search of an in-depth read? Allow me to recommend Kevin Fishbain (The Athletic) going deep on Brisker, Chicago’s second second-round pick in this past draft. There are a handful of interesting anecdotes and plenty of background in this dive. And there’s even this, regarding Brisker’s excellence at Penn State:
  • The Bears haven’t had a stellar tag team safety tandem since Adrian Amos left for Green Bay. Perhaps Brisker’s arrival is the type of shakeup that puts Eddie Jackson back on the path to stardom.
  • It isn’t a fool-proof method of grading out who did well and who didn’t, but one sign of a good NFL Draft class is when two later-round picks end up in Round 1 of re-drafts years later. And that’s what happened with Pro Football Focus’ recent attempt at re-doing the 2020 NFL Draft. In this particular re-boot, two current Bears standouts don’t even make it to Chicago. Cornerback Jaylon Johnson and receiver Darnell Mooney are off the board in Round 1. And to make things even worse, both players go to division rivals. PFF has the Vikings taking Johnson with the 22nd overall pick. Gag. Meanwhile, the Packers snag Mooney with the 26th selection. Double gag.
  • Spin zone? At least it looks like the Bears got tremendous value with taking Johnson (50th overall pick) and Mooney (173rd overall) where they did.
  • I’m glad Tom Waddle shared this:
  • Football lost an icon on Monday:
  • The U.S. House Oversight Committee is playing the waiting game with Daniel Snyder, as the Washington Commanders owner has yet to accept the committee’s subpoena, reports ESPN’s Tisha Thompson.
  • Today is a big one for Deshaun Watson and the Cleveland Browns
  • Watson will meet with retired judge Sue L. Robinson, who will ultimately decide Watson’s fate as the NFL seeks a lengthy suspension for violation of its personal conduct policy. A decision might not come down today, but the expectation is that one will come down ahead of training camp. The doors open up for Browns camp on July 27.
  • It sounds like old friend Mitchell Trubisky has a leg-up on rookie Kenny Pickett at Steelers camp:
  • Then again, Trubisky began his rookie camp in Bourbonnais as the third-stringer behind Mike Glennon and Mark Sanchez. And if you’ll recall, Trubisky was starting after four Glennon starts. So … do with that information what you will.
  • Chicago’s hockey team has a new head coach:
  • GOOD:
  • An interpreter getting a suspension for their participation in a baseball fight? First I’ve ever heard of it:

Author: Luis Medina

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