Backfield Could Use a Boost, Can Chicago Copy Colts? Watson Day 3, and Other Bears Bullets

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Backfield Could Use a Boost, Can Chicago Copy Colts? Watson Day 3, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

I’m celebrating a birthday tomorrow by taking an impromptu trip to Las Vegas TODAY. I’ll check in with you fine folks after the plane lands.

  • PFT’s Myles Simmons shares an interesting tidbit, noting that the Colts are hosting 16 training camp practices that will be open to the public. Like Bears open camp practices, workouts in suburban Indy require a free ticket to attend. But unlike the Bears, the Colts’ 16 practices eclipses the 11 freebies Chicago’s football team will host in Lake Forest. Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate that we get as many as we do. And it’s not like the Bears are like the Patriots, who have six open practices for fans. It’s just that I wish there were more open practices because there is a market for fans. Keep in mind that not everyone can afford lofty ticket prices, parking, and other amenities in a marketplace where prices continue to grow. Free training camp practices give fans an opportunity to see their favorite players without breaking the bank. And at a time where budget crunches are felt by everyone, it sure would be nice to give fans something extra.
  • Maybe the Bears need to take that parcel of land in Arlington Heights and turn it into a multi-purpose facility that can also accommodate hosting training camp. To be clear, I like the Halas Hall experience. And I’m looking forward to seeing more of the Bears’ renovated home base now that COVID-related restrictions are gone. But a big, spacey area that copies the spacious areas of Bourbonnais and provides fun aspects for those who want to go to camp but aren’t obsessing over every practice snap would be a fun meet-in-the-middle point for so many parties. Maybe I’ll drop this in the suggestion box when I trek to Halas Hall later this summer.
  • PFF threw a wet blanket on my high hopes for the Bears’ backfield this season. In ranking the NFL’s most elusive running backs, David Montgomery doesn’t make the cut. The list, which ranks the 25 most-elusive rushers based on missed tackles forced per attempt, features 12 players who play on teams on Chicago’s schedule. In the cases of Dalvin Cook, Alexander Mattison, and Aaron Jones, that trio will see the Bears at least twice in 2022. Meanwhile, teams like the Jets (Michael Carter, Tevin Coleman), Patriots (Rhamondre Stevenson, Damien Harris), and Bills (Devin Singletary, Zack Moss) have tandem backs who are high-end tackle-breakers. And because we night as well rip the band-aid off, it is worth noting that Chicago passed on drafting Harris and Singletary in the same draft in which it chose Montgomery. Ouch.
  • But don’t get too down after reading this. Perhaps rookie Trestan Ebner will make next year’s list:
  • If this guy gets running room in the open field, he’ll be snatching ankles in no time.
  • We’re set to enter Day 3 of Deshaun Watson’s hearing. This isn’t all too surprising, leaving me unable to shake the feeling that whatever decision that comes down will be thrown out to the public as part of a Friday news dump ahead of a holiday weekend. Go figure. As for the potential punishment, Rob Maaddi (AP) reports the NFL is “more likely” to accept a suspension in the 6-8 game range if that’s what judge Sue L. Robinson concludes because the league wants to avoid an appeal process (and the messy that comes with it). If that’s how the cookie crumbles, it should open up a line of questioning about so many different things. But I’m not ready to jump down that rabbit hole until we come across it. But the least we can do is acknowledge its existence.
  • I don’t love the messaging here from Rep. James Comer, a Republican from Kentucky, who is the ranking member of the House Oversight and Reform Committee, tells the Washington Times the committee’s investigation into workplace misconduct within the Washington football organization will come to an end if midterm elections go the way of his party. In essence, we have a government official saying that the rich and powerful will get special protection based on how midterm elections fare. Frankly, I don’t care what your political affiliations are at this point. It shouldn’t be acceptable to let someone accused of letting awful things happen throughout his organization and cooking the books (taking advantage of the paying customer in the process) to skate free. Actions should have consequences. And due process should be served. Full stop.
  • Do we have any strong opinions here? Because I know that no one is unseating Sweetness:
  • Tomorrow is today:
  • Ahem! That’s Bears Legend Orlando Pace to you, pal:
  • Optimism is running high in Blackhawks country after the new head coach’s introduction:
  • Mo Bamba is more than the namesake of a Sheck Wes hit:
  • Christopher Morel was showing off all his tools last night:

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