McMahon's Turning Point, Lamar Gets Snubbed, Fields Goes to Work, and Other Bears Bullets

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McMahon’s Turning Point, Lamar Gets Snubbed, Fields Goes to Work, and Other Bears Bullets

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Cooking for one wasn’t something I was taught while learning to cook. Hence, I’ve almost always made more than I needed (which has led to sharing with friends and neighbors). But on Monday, I made mashed potatoes for one and it was perfect.

It was this simple:

  • One baking potato diced and boiled for 20 minutes, drained, and returned to the pot. (Note: I like buying the baking potatoes 4-6 at a time because I feel like buying the large bag is wasteful).
  • Top potatoes with tablespoons of black truffle butter (I got it for $3 at Mariano’s!), 1/4 cup of half-and-half (I assume milk will work fine, I just had some leftover half-and-half from a brownie recipe I recently made), and a spoonful of sour cream. Mash those potatoes and blend all that good stuff until smooth.
  • Add a sprinkle of chives for something a little extra. I’m lucky enough to have them grow naturally in my back yard like the perennial flowers that grow in my front yard. Then eat.

Sharing this recipe here makes me wish I had leftovers.

  • Jim McMahon has an active Twitter presence. And even though I enjoy his sharing of highlights of his past, this re-share was a punch to the gut:
  • If you talk to enough NFL old heads, they’ll share a sentiment similar to McMahon’s. The dirty Charles Martin bodyslam was a game-changer. And on so many levels, too. McMahon was limited to just six regular-season starts (the Bears were 6-0 in those) in 1986, which began a run of three consecutive years in which he made fewer than 10 starts. As injuries kept McMahon off the field, a loaded Bears team couldn’t quite get over the hump (in part because of the sub-par quarterbacking). Injuries turned out to be devastating for McMahon long-term. Running it back through history is like walking away from the light in a dark tunnel. It just gets worse as you keep going.
  • But in a fashion true to the Punky QB, Daniel Brown (The Athletic) writes about the Bears legend gutting it out in life. In the piece, Brown shares an anecdote about how a bone spur surgery gone wrong could have led to him losing his foot. And yet, McMahon keeps humming along to play in the prestigious Tahoe golf tournament. “I’d crawl down the fairway if I had to,” McMahon said. “I’m not missing it.” That’s the same energy he kept as a player. It’s a shame his body didn’t hold up long enough for him to make more of his football talents.
  • In a continuing series where NFL coaches, players, execs, scouts, and other football folks rank the top-10 players at each position, ESPN shared the list of top-10 QBs, which goes as follows: (1) Aaron Rodgers, (2) Patrick Mahomes, (3) Josh Allen, (4) Tom Brady, (5) Joe Burrow, (6) Matthew Stafford, (7) Justin Herbert, (8) Russell Wilson, (9) Deshaun Watson, (10) Dak Prescott. Doesn’t it feel like someone is missing here?
  • I’ll never fully understand why Lamar Jackson doesn’t get his flowers. Don’t get me wrong. I understand part of it, which I can’t believe is still a factor in 2022. And I can wrap my mind around how talent evaluators still have an antiquated idea of what the quarterback position does and what it should look like. But come on, man. Jackson has a .755 winning percentage as a starter and an MVP award under his belt. And more than half of ESPN’s voters kept him off the top 10? Dak Prescott isn’t nearly as decorated but is in the top 10. Deshaun Watson didn’t play last year, and we have no idea what he’ll look like when he steps back onto the field. But he makes the cut? Nah. That’s not right.
  • Reading: “Also receiving votes: Kirk Cousins (Minnesota Vikings)” made me audibly laugh.
  • I can’t wait to see Justin Fields go from unranked to No. 1 at this time next year after all the hard offseason work pays off:
  • In case you need a hearty chuckle: Cam Ellis (670 The Score) goes bonkers in coming up with creative ways the city of Chicago can keep the Bears from moving to the suburbs.
  • Just 16 days until the summer’s first open training camp practice at Halas Hall gets underway. Giggity!
  • If you’re reading this while in England, Wales, and Scotland, be on the lookout:
  • Matthew Berry, who has helped me win a fantasy title or two over the years, is leaving ESPN:
  • A somber update regarding the recent passing of former Bears running back Marion Barber:
  • Pretty cool of MLB to add a Senior’s Bracket to the 2022 Home Run Derby:
  • At the other end of the age spectrum, Blackhawks prospects are working out:
  • Taylor Rooks gets NBA players to say the wildest things:

Author: Luis Medina

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