Instead of Joining the Falcons, Former Bears Eddie Goldman is RETIRING

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Instead of Joining the Falcons, Former Bears Eddie Goldman is RETIRING

Chicago Bears

When Eddie Goldman signed with the Falcons, he was only the latest in a line of former Bears landing in Atlanta.

But instead of joining Ryan Pace, Cordarrelle Patterson, and the handful of others taking their talents to Atlanta, Goldman is calling it a career. NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport has the scoop:

And with that, we have the cherry on top of one of the wildest football sundaes we’ve been following.

If you’ll recall, Goldman skipped out on the 2020 season, citing concerns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. But a year later, an unvaccinated Goldman missed time during training camp and the regular season due to being in COVID protocols. And that came after there was uncertainty that Goldman would even show up for the season in the first place stemming from his unexcused absence from mandatory minicamp. Goldman came to play in 2021, but he wasn’t his usual self. And with a new GM, head coach, defensive coordinator, and scheme in place, the Bears cut Goldman early in the offseason after failing to find a trade partner.

Goldman was a standout contributor for most of his time in Chicago. A second-round pick in 2015, Goldman was a primary starter at nose tackle in the middle of the Bears’ defense for six seasons. At the peak of his powers, Goldman was one of the league’s top nose tackles. Goldman’s ability to eat blockers, plug running lanes, and occasionally rush he passer made him a force. And it is one of the reasons Ryan Pace didn’t hesitate to give Goldman a healthy extension at the end of his rookie contract. However, given the benefit of hindsight, that move didn’t age well. But that is water under the bridge, as Goldman now calls it quits.

What’s there to do when you retire at age 28? Goldman is in the unique position to find out.

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.