Orange You Glad They Announced a Fashionable Look? And Other Bears Bullets

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Orange You Glad They Announced a Fashionable Look? And Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

White Sox fans won’t like the rest of this sentence, but I truly enjoyed watching Triston McKenzie pitch on Saturday. From a visual standpoint, I just like how he pitches. And seeing him in person yesterday really drove home how much I like watching good pitching. Bonus points for being on my fantasy team.

  • YO! The Bears have new helmets and a new look they’ll debut against Washington’s football team on Thursday Night Football. More details here … and more from the look below:
  • I’ll be really curious to see the fan reaction to these. When it comes to uniforms, the Bears are on the more cautious, conservative, and traditional end of the spectrum. Think something along the lines of the Yankees. So to see them step out of the box certainly has my attention.
  • So far, so good from early reviews:
  • But it’s far from a consensus:
  • Add orange helmets to the list of things that happened this offseason that Bears fans are disagreeing on. Hopefully, we can disagree in peace. But also … let people enjoy things. They’re uniforms and helmets. It ain’t that serious.
  • Let me get ahead of this while I can. We’re talking about alternate uniforms that will be worn twice. Alternate unis are supposed to be different to the most extreme extent. Me? I like ’em. The Bears going outside of their comfort zone is enough for me to like them, but they also look cool. We’ll re-evaluate after we see how they play in ’em.
  • While we’re talking alternates, the Bears should bring back this look next:
  • The white-on-white is *chef’s kiss* good. Throw in the blue helmets with the white “C” and block numbers, it’s an immaculate look. One the Bears should’ve never walked away from in the first place.
  • Just imagine how good Fields will look in those loud, orange outfits:
  • … and imagine how look he’ll look when throwing to a player of Jaxon Smith-Njigba’s stature:
  • Jacob isn’t alone. Smith-Njigba has been a popular name coming up in connection with the Bears before the NFL Draft, which is 277 days away.
  • Even though rookies were reporting to Halas Hall for training camp on Saturday, there was no movement on the Jaquan Brisker front. Brisker, the second of the Bears’ second-round picks in last April’s NFL Draft, remains unsigned. A holdout at the start of camp might not be the biggest deal in the long run, but it’s not a great look. We’ve dealt with something like this as recently as 2018 with Roquan Smith. And Smith has certainly plaeyd well enough to make many forget that the holdout was even a thing. Hopefully, history repeats itself with Brisker. Otherwise, the conversations about how Brisker’s holdout put the Bears behind the curve could get ugly.
  • Let the record show Brisker isn’t the NFL’s only unsigned draft pick. In fact, he is one of a handful of second rounders who still don’t have deals. The others: Seahawks LB Boye Mafe (40th overall) and RB Kenneth Walker Jr. (41st), Vikings CB Andrew Booth (42nd) and OL Ed Ingram (59th), Ravens LB David Ojabo (45th). What’s going on here, fellas? Seeing this makes me think that this could be a coordinated effort from agents trying to find creative, new ways to get their players a max amount of guaranteed money. Good on them, if that’s the case. It’s always good to have someone looking after your financial interests.
  • They were playing a different brand of fútbol last night in Green Bay:
  • It’ll be worth tracking this, as the future of NFL Sunday Ticket figures to be a game-changer:
  • I won’t pass up the opportunity to share Alex Caruso highlights:
  • Ask for the farm, Jed:

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