Whoa! The Bears Just Unveiled Awesome Orange Alternate Helmets

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Whoa! The Bears Just Unveiled Awesome Orange Alternate Helmets

Chicago Bears

We’ve been watching teams around the NFL unveil alternate uniforms and new helmets throughout the week. And while I’d acknowledge the coolness factor, part of me was bummed because the Bears weren’t one of them. Plus, I wasn’t really expecting the Bears to jump on the trend. After all, the Bears are as traditionalist as a franchise gets.

Little did I know I was in for a surprise on Sunday:

I thought the NFL’s new rules could lead to the Bears getting experimental, but I didn’t expect THIS.

The video above shares the Bears’ new-look alternate orange look, which stars an ORANGE HELMET. Holy smokes. Orange. Helmet. If I type it enough, maybe it’ll crash through my skull. How awesome is this!?

The new look on the dome will go with their orange tops and white bottoms, which will debut on October 13 against the Washington Commanders on Thursday Night Football. Then they’ll come back again in Week 8 when the Bears play the Cowboys in Dallas on Oct. 30. And if the Bears win both of those games, I just might petition for them to wear that look more often. But until then, I’ll enjoy the fashion-forward Bears. I’m digging it!

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Author: Luis Medina

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