Robert Quinn Says He Wants to Stick Around: "I Expect to Be Here"

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Robert Quinn Says He Wants to Stick Around: “I Expect to Be Here”

Chicago Bears

The Bears’ offseason began with dreams of Robert Quinn and Khalil Mack pinning their ears down and bulldozing blockers and racing to takedown quarterbacks in Matt Eberflus’ defense. But when Mack was dealt in the first major transaction of the Ryan Poles era, it signaled the beginning of a teardown and rebuild project in Chicago. And because Mack was traded, there was a feeling that anyone could go at a moment’s notice. Moreover, there were times it felt that a Quinn trade was inevitable.

Especially when rumors surfaced that he wanted out and that teams were sniffing around making a deal for the talented pass-rusher.

But not only did it not go down, Quinn showed up to Bears camp at Halas Hall and said this in his first public remarks since skipping June’s mandatory minicamp:

I can’t front. Quinn’s answers today were something I can easily vibe with right now. Pay a small fine in order to not deal with the rigors of minicamp? Easy trade-off to make. Who among us wouldn’t spare a minor chunk of change to skip out on a work event you don’t want to be at in the first place. Bonus points for using the time to take care of his body while not hanging around the team. Quinn followed a similar path last year — and I can’t argue with the results that came after.

As for Quinn’s sticking around, I can’t blame him for not wanting to move. The guy signed a multi-year deal to play in Chicago. And while I imagine he was hoping to play for a contender for the duration of his stay, I can also see the small trade-off in not up-rooting yourself or your family just because your team is embarking on a rebuild. There is no denying that the process and everything that goes into moving one’s self (and family) stinks. And as Quinn notes, he has been dealt a few times. I can’t imagine actively wanting to do that again. But on the other hand, the NFL is a business. And perhaps an opportunity arises that would make Quinn re-think his desire to not make yet another move.

For now, Quinn is sticking around in Chicago. That is good news for Bears fans and Quinn’s teammates on the defensive side of the ball, but bad news for opposing quarterbacks on Chicago’s schedule.

For Quinn’s full press conference, you can check out the video below:

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Author: Luis Medina

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