Obsessive Offensive Line Watch: Luke Getsy Has a Teven Jenkins Update

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Obsessive Offensive Line Watch: Luke Getsy Has a Teven Jenkins Update

Chicago Bears

Teven Jenkins has missed seven consecutive Bears practices with an undisclosed injury. The team says he has been working through things with trainers. However, unlike other players dealing with injuries who tend to be spotted on the sidelines or with their position groups, Jenkins hasn’t been anywhere to be seen.

And while Bears Head Coach Matt Eberflus continues to be evasive in discussing what’s up with Jenkins, Offensive Coordinator Luke Getsy provided the most notable update to date:

Those are a pair of pertinent tweets that give us *SOME* clarity regarding what’s up with Jenkins. Firstly, that Jenkins is present and active in meetings is a revelation of sorts. Being unavailable to practice due to injury – and thus, not out with your teammates – is one thing. But that Jenkins is around at meetings feels like the first positive update we’ve seen regarding his status. Sure, there is much to be gained from practice. You won’t get any arguments from me on that point. But it would truly be a sign of disconnect if Jenkins wasn’t in on offensive meetings. This won’t mean much until Jenkins puts on pads and gets to work at practice. But at least he won’t be ridiculously behind his teammates due to his putting in work in meeting rooms.

As for what Jenkins will be up to when he *IS* healthy, I’m legitimately gobsmacked that Getsy said the second-year linemen would be in the mix for a starting job at one of the tackles. How, Sway!? The new Bears brass moved Jenkins off of the left tackle position as soon as they humanly could in April. Since then, we’ve seen Jenkins slide down the spectrum to right tackle before ultimately landing as the second-string right tackle at mandatory minicamp. In the weeks that have since passed, the Bears have signed two veteran offensive linemen with ample starting experience. One of whom is Riley Reiff, who has starting experience at both tackle spots and has been splitting time at right tackle with Larry Borom. The team has also given rookie Braxton Jones a lion’s share of the work at starting left tackle since the start of practice with pads.

So … where is Jenkins starting again?

Maybe I’m missing something. And it wouldn’t be the first time it didn’t all click in the ole noggin. But saying a player will be in the mix for a starting job once healthy *DESPITE* (1) not practicing due to injuries and (2) been sliding down the depth chart since the new guys took over doesn’t compute with me. This isn’t to say it *CAN’T* happen. Jenkins’ prospect pedigree is alluring. And it is apparently enough to get other teams calling for a trade at the first sign of trouble in Chicago. But none of this makes sense to me. Not yet anyway.

Author: Luis Medina

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