Last Chance For a Preseason Dance, Briggs Clips, Ditka's Sweater, and Other Bears Bullets

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Last Chance For a Preseason Dance, Briggs Clips, Ditka’s Sweater, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

Because time is a human construct, what is stopping us from adding a third day to the weekend? One day for play. Another for rest. And a third to get stuff done. If we can add and subtract hours and call it “Fall Back” or “Spring Forward” then what is stopping us from one more time tweak?

  • Finally, the preseason ends today for Chicago’s football team! The three-game exhibition schedule is something I’m still getting used to, especially when it comes to evaluating who should make the team out of the gate. And with a first-year GM and head coach calling the shots, it’s even more difficult because we don’t have a history to go off. Challenges be damned, I’m still looking forward to one last preseason game. Bears starters are expected to play the first half, while the buzz is that Browns regulars will play the first quarter. That should make a nice test for these Bears when the game kicks off at 6 p.m. CT on FOX.
  • Josh Schrock (NBC Sports Chicago) has three roster battles to keep eyes on in the preseason finale. Alyssa Barbieri (Bears Wire) highlights 10 players on the roster bubble who need to show out in Cleveland tonight in order to merit a close look before cut day. Colleen Kane (Tribune) has another four things to watch tonight. There is so much to take notes on tonight. I’ve never been much of a preseason advocate. But in a year where the new general manager has signed more than 54 new players to a roster being handled by a first-year head coach, this feels like a good year to have eyes on the exhibition finale. There are just so many moving parts.
  • If you’re trying to gain a different perspective on how to watch the preseason finale, former Bears Scouting Director Greg Gabriel writes a scout’s take on what to watch for during (and after!) the game at Windy City Gridiron. I’ll be curious to see how things shake out after the game. How quickly will cuts come down? Are any trades brewing? The jump going from an 80-player roster to 53 is a long one. And I don’t expect the Bears to make all the cuts at once. Then again, I don’t really know what to expect from a new regime. We don’t know how they’ll do business. But I’m excited to find out.
  • Hey … where’s Darnell Mooney on this list?
  • For what it’s worth, PFF’s Kevin Cole sees Mooney as a breakout fantasy receiver. And he is being drafted after Gabriel Davis, who is notably on the list above. Ian Haritz (another PFFer) envisions “another good – not great – season” from Mooney, who appears to be on the fringe of a third-year breakout — as opposed to being on the cusp of one. In the end, it will be up to Mooney (and Justin Fields) to produce if he wants that recognition.
  • Even though it didn’t work out with the Bears, I still think Dazz Newsome has enough talent to catch on somewhere else:
  • Perhaps Scotty Miller, a native of suburban Barrington, is someone whose status the Bears will be watching as a receiver possibly on the cut block with his current team:
  • Love seeing a pair of Bears rookies here:
  • Nothing like kicking it old school:
  • Remember when Mike Ditka’s Super Bowl sweateverst was being auctioned off? Well, it was pulled off the block. NBC Sports Chicago reports it is because Heritage Auctions — who was running the sale — couldn’t fully verify it was the same exact sweater he wore in the Bears’ Super Bowl XX win. I feel as if that was something that should’ve been known before putting the news release out in the first place. My mistake for thinking that something like that was previously confirmed beforehand. I suppose the Ditkas can still work on confirmation, then put it back on the market. But still … that’s a tough look.
  • I hope Roquan Smith sees what Lance Briggs did in these videos, because he can be that type of player in this defense. Hence, it makes sense as to why the Bears were showing Briggs clips this week:
  • I’ve never been too sure about what to think about Ian Happ. But a two-homer game … in a win … where your dongs are the only two hits is an eye-opener for me. More from Brett in today’s Bullets at BN.
  • It was never going to be easy for the Bulls. But Kevin Durant’s return to Brooklyn makes the challenge that much more difficult:

Author: Luis Medina

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