Fields' Words of Wisdom, Youth Movement, Jaylon Wants to Re-open Club Dub, and Other Bears Bullets

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Fields’ Words of Wisdom, Youth Movement, Jaylon Wants to Re-open Club Dub, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

The Cubs sweeping the Mets in New York fills me with joy. Revenge for ’69? In the words of the late, great Ron Santo: “Oh yeah, big boy!”

  • The good vibes are flowing with a 1-0 start. But it isn’t just that the Bears won their season opener that has us feeling good. Beating the 49ers with one of the NFL’s youngest teams has yours truly dreaming big things:
  • If the Bears can beat a presumed Super Bowl contender with a roster full of youth and inexperience, then anything can happen with any other given opponent.
  • I’m almost at a point where I’m over the weather narratives. Weather be damned. Both teams had to play in the same conditions. It isn’t an excuse for the 49ers’ loss. Just as it isn’t the sole reason for the Bears’ win. Was it a factor? Sure. But it’s not as if it was impacting one team and not the other.
  • Even with that being said, I can’t get enough of highlight clips from last week. The joy these payers had playing in sloppy conditions was childlike. If all the players in all the games could play with that type of energy, we’d have so many videos like this one:
  • The football nerd side of me loves that the Bears won and had some fun, but still have much to improve. Sometimes, the easiest way to teach improvement isn’t after a loss. But instead, it’s after a win. As a kid, I always was more receptive to instruction after I did something well and an adult or teacher took notice. And I can’t be the only one who has experience this. After all, positive reinforcement is a thing.
  • While Bears fans were relieved the team didn’t honor Roquan Smith’s trade request, Aaron Rodgers seems to feel differently:
  • If Rodgers didn’t want to play in the same division as Roquan, perhaps he should’ve asked for a trade out of the NFC North:
  • One of Rodgers’ former teammates is getting captain status this weekend:
  • Who’s down for a potential Lucas Patrick/Equanimeous St. Brown/Luke Getsy revenge game?
  • That’s our quarterback dishing out some words of wisdom for opposing defenders:

“For all the defenders out there who think I’m gonna stay up, I’m not. Don’t worry about getting those late hits on me.”

Always leave ’em laughing, Justin! 🤣

  • Is Jaylon Johnson right to want Club Dub back?
  • On the one hand, I’m very much in the Kylo Ren “let the past die, kill it if you must” camp when it comes to Club Dub. It was fun while it lasted. And we can look back fondly at it as fans if we give it some space. But on the other hand, I’m not one to stop players from having good, harmless fun. In the end, my gut tells me it’s time for these guys to find a new thing with this regime. Let it come naturally. And maybe it’ll top Club Dub.
  • Now I’m wondering what is the best way to celebrate a team win in a group gathering? Hmmm.
  • Something for your listening pleasure as you gear up for Sunday’s game:
  • Now these are some names I’ve not heard in a long time:
  • Same for this one:

Author: Luis Medina

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