I‘m Getting Tired of This: PACKERS 27, BEARS 10

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I‘m Getting Tired of This: PACKERS 27, BEARS 10

Chicago Bears

I have two options here — to sit in traffic angrily or type angrily while sitting in a parking spot that happens to be on someone’s lawn.

Guess which one I chose…

  • I am fed up with being on the short end of close calls against the Packers. Tired of it. And I’m not someone who takes any pleasure in blaming officiating. But some of these calls — specifically in Packers games — have me absolutely flabbergasted. And here’s the thing about close calls: If you play better, those calls don’t matter as much. Or if they do, they go in your favor. The best teams make their own good fortune. But even then, the Bears can’t cut it. It’s as if playing the Packers and thinking you’ll get a call go your way is kin to Charlie Brown thinking he’s gonna kick the football before Lucy inevitably pulls it away. 
  • My initial reaction to this tweet is that this is what it looks like when your offense can’t sustain drives and defense can’t stop the opposition from doing so:
  • For the record, the only checks I vibe with are the ones that come on payday or on Nike shoes. But there is something humbling about a reality check. Yours truly had to remind myself there’s a real talent deficiency here between these two teams. We can start at QB, but that isn’t the only position it was evident.
  • To be clear, that last bulletpoint isn’t meant to be gloom and doom regarding this roster. But it is clear what position groups need work based how the Packers offense attacked the Bears defense. And how their defense attacked the offense.
  • Sigh. I’ll have nightmares about that call. Maybe they don’t win. But I would’ve liked to see the Packers sweat it out a little:
  • I try to keep wagering stuff out of this. But holy cow, if this trend continues just bet the under on Justin Fields everything until further notice. Darnell Mooney and Cole Kmet have something like 4 yards this year. Total. I’ll check the math when I get home.
  • If I’m not having nightmares about that call, then they’ll definitely be about calling a 4th and Goal play from the shotgun. Just when you thought you were done with that bit of ridiculousness, it rears its ugly head.
  • Hmm…
  • How about some good news? At least the Bears get to lick their wounds at home. The combination of humble pie and some home cooking can do wonders. As for me, I’m staying with some friends in Wisconsin. So, thankfully, I don’t have to drive home. Otherwise it might look something like this:

More to come tomorrow. And the rest of the week. Go to sleep.

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.