Roquan Brings the Hype, Ground Game Goals, Kicker Oddities, and Other Bears Bullets

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Roquan Brings the Hype, Ground Game Goals, Kicker Oddities, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

There was so much football joy in my life on Saturday after watching SIU beat Northwestern at Ryan Field. Prior to yesterday, I had never seen the Salukis beat a Division 1-A/FBS team in person. And with the ever-changing college football landscape being what it is, I was unsure if I’d ever see it. But Southern had that dawg in them in pulling off a thrilling come-from-behind road win. Guess SIU is Chicago’s B1G Ten Team now.

So … how about back-to-back days with upset road wins for my favorite football teams?

  • Just hook this straight to my veins:
  • Call it a hunch, but this speech might be a recurring theme for these Bears in 2022. I’m not saying it’s Chicago vs. the World, but each of the 12 NFL analysts whose 2022 picks record is being tracked by the Bears official website have all chosen the Packers to beat the Bears tonight. Really puts some things into perspective when you see all these analysts picking against the Bears. At minimum, it shows the Bears still have a long way to go toward earning respect (both nationally and locally) of analysts around the league. And that’s fair. Respect isn’t just handed out on a whim. It is earned. The only way for the Bears to *EARN* respect is by playing smart, competitive, and opportunistic football. And when it results in wins, watch out!
  • Could you pick a better player than Roquan Smith to deliver the hype speech? Who is playing for more than No. 58? Smith is about to enter the second week of the final year of his rookie contract. Even though he didn’t get the extension he was hoping for, Smith is positioning himself for a handsome payday after this year (or at some point down the line). From a certain point of view, he is a one-man underdog story who could use the inability to reach an extension agreement as a “they don’t believe in me” rallying cry. And with so many Bears on one-year contracts, there are so many who can relate. Again, I ask, who better than Roquan to bring the hype?
  • Grumble:
  • An injury update from Green Bay, where ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports receiver Allen Lazard is expected to play against the Bears on SNF. Lazard sat out Week 1 with an ankle sprain due to a teammate stepping on him during the practice week leading up to the opener. Presumed to be Aaron Rodgers’ top target, Lazard – who scored 8 touchdowns last year – is on the brink of returning.
  • Some pre-game roster maintenance from both sides:
  • After watching Dalvin Cook cook (lol) the Packers defense to the tune of 4.5 yards per carry last week, it sure would be nice to see David Montgomery get on the good foot and do some bad things in Green Bay. Monty carried it 17 times but gained just 26 rushing yards last week against a stout Niners defense. That 1.53 yards per attempt number ain’t it. Especially when Khalil Herbert went for 9-45-1 TD against the same defense. Maybe the Montgomery-Herbert tandem attack will eat in Packerland. And perhaps that’s the most efficient use of the backfield moving forward. But it would be encouraging to see Montgomery rebound in a big way against the Packers. Especially since Montgomery has averaged 4.97 yards on 43 carries in his last three games against the Packers.
  • And in that one game Montgomery didn’t play last year against the Packers, Herbert went for 97 yards on 19 carries at Soldier Field. He even ran for a touchdown. Herbert was a non-factor in the rematch, playing only 5 offensive snaps, getting one rush, and gaining just three yards. Ideally, Luke Getsy has a better game plan for the ground game than Matt Nagy. But that shouldn’t be hard to do.
  • Some good pre-game reading on that front, as Mark Potash (Sun-Times) writes about how Getsy’s sticking to the rushing attack despite its early struggles provides a sense of hope. I’ll say this: It was refreshing to see a coaching staff not abandon the running game at the first sign of failure. Stick to your game plan, keep plugging away, and strike when the dam breaks.
  • With the Bears in primetime tonight, this is what will be on your televisions today (unless you’re watching NFL Sunday Ticket or RedZone):
  • Here’s your entire Week 2 slate:
  • Gonna have my popcorn ready:
  • I guess that groin injury was serious:
  • This is heart-wrenching:
  • Well, this is certainly a look:
  • Football is weird:
  • Wonder if I can make this happen, too:
  • How can you not love college football?
  • I’ve been in a reflective place with my fantasy baseball team’s playoff run nearing its end. And much of that time has been spent assessing my best and worst trades. On the one hand, trading away Marcus Stroman stung for so many reasons — but mostly because I thoroughly enjoy watching him pitch. However, on the other hand, Cubs players haven’t played well while on my squad. And I was hoping that a trade off my team would help Stroman excel. It’s one of those “if you love ’em, you gotta let ’em leave” kinda deals. So, of course Stroman has been awesome since my trade away. You’re welcome, Cubs fans:
  • Ah, I see Cardinals Devil Magic™️ is alive and well:

Author: Luis Medina

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