Fields Switches Up Routine, Eddie's Evolution, It's Everyone's Fault, and Other Bears Bullets

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Fields Switches Up Routine, Eddie’s Evolution, It’s Everyone’s Fault, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

A home-cooked meal last night might turn out to be the first steps out of a slump for yours truly. If you’re in a mid-week funk, try making your own favorite meal at home. See if it doesn’t shake some things up for you.

  • Justin Fields isn’t taking this losing stuff lying down. Literally. As in, he is taking out time most of us are sleeping and turning into extra study time:
  • Watching the Bears lose to the Packers (yet again) makes me lose sleep, too. So that much is relatable. But I don’t hit the study room extra hard when I’m up an hour earlier. Instead, I stare at the ceiling wondering if my outfit choices brought bad juju to the team. Maybe I’ll hit the study tables on my own, too. Can’t hurt, could help.
  • I love it when things come full circle. With that in mind, I’m digging safety Eddie Jackson getting honorary captain status for the upcoming game against the Texans. Heading into Week 2, Jackson said he hadn’t felt this good (mentally, physically, spiritually) since 2018. The 2018 first-team All-Pro has been through it (both on and off the field) in recent years, but it is refreshing to hear from him that things are on the up-tick again. Also encouraging? Head Coach Matt Eberflus’ explanation as to how Jackson earned honorary captaincy. Via the Chicago Bears’ official website:

“We think Eddie’s been really playing well the first two games. I think he’s deserving of it. He is a leader. Like I said, all of us are leaders by the way we model our behavior and he’s done a great job with that in terms of his hustle, his hitting and his production the first two games, so he’s well deserving of it.”

  • Alex Shapiro (NBCS Chicago) reports the Bears put in extra work during Wednesday’s individual drills to drive home the details as they go about improving their tackling after Sunday’s woeful performance. The missed tackles were plentiful against the Packers, which is something we’d all like to see less of — preferably starting this week. As to how they’ll go about it, Tony Soprano Eberflus put this out into the atmosphere:
  • As the Trib’s Dan Wiederer points out in a follow up tweet: “With context, for those too serious to chuckle a bit or eager to twist this in some other direction, Flus was talking specifically about the tackling technique that Bears coaches hammer home with their players.” Good luck with all that!
  • As for the offense’s woes (particularly with the passing attack), DBB’s Andrew Dannehy puts it succinctly in a headline: Passing Game Failures are Everyone’s Fault. It’s true. And not just in that traditional win-as-a-team, lose-as-a-team sense. Everyone has their hands in this mess. But from a certain point of view, that is a good thing. When people take ownership of their messes, they tend to work harder at pulling themselves out of the hole they made. It’ll be fascinating to see how the Bears work together in creating a better offense.
  • Seriously, this is is SICKENING:
  • There are obvious caveats in place. New coaches putting in new systems in place. And maybe there is a Fields breakout once the kinks get ironed out. But it is tiring that THIS is the story of Chicago Bears football in the year 2022. This is *ALWAYS* the story of the Bears offense. You could probably copy and paste that tweet and change the years and it would still be the same. And I’m sick of it.
  • Exhale.
  • Adam Jahns (The Athletic) notes how Fields’ handling of high profile post-loss criticism by facing it head-on in his first appearance with the media since Sunday differs from Mitchell Trubisky’s now infamous turning off the TVs in the building comments from a few years ago. Ultimately, Chris Emma (670 The Score) truly nails it in underscoring how Fields’ play can do the talking for him moving forward. Starting this week against a Texans team with matchups primed for picking on would make for a wonderful start.
  • What if it turns out that Christian Kirk contract isn’t that bad? Brad Biggs (Tribune) points out Kirk’s 195 receiving yards make him one of eight NFL receivers with more receiving yards than the Bears having passing yards. Cringe.
  • Clear some time out of your schedule and give this a read:
  • I found it enlightening with some important perspective that I think gets lost during NFL head-coach hiring periods. With that being said, I want you to give it a read so you can gain your own bit of interpretation of the situation.
  • Congrats to the (South Bend) Cubs on clinching a championship last night:
  • Tab has eyes on Blackhawks things:
  • Awwww, crud:

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