Justin Fields' Surroundings Give Him "Absolutely No Shot of Developing"

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Justin Fields’ Surroundings Give Him “Absolutely No Shot of Developing”

Chicago Bears

Love ’em or hate ’em, ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky is making really good points about the development of Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields.

So much so that he is tired of talking about it. And with good reason, I suppose.

“Let’s make a deal,” Orlovsky begins in the video below. “If anyone asks you or me, what do you think about Justin Fields? I’m just going to show them this clip.”

Here’s the clip.

“Stop asking me about Justin Fields’ development,” Orlovsky continues. “You mean to tell me that you want anyone to take or make some kind of evaluation when it looks like that? Don’t think for one second you can make any kind of evaluation on Justin Fields this year with what it looks like far too often in this situation. He has absolutely no shot of developing.”

I’ve never heard someone so passionate about talking football not want to talk about it. Especially when it comes to assessing what’s up with a quarterback. And particularly when it is a former quarterback. No one likes discussing quarterback play more than former QBs. And that goes for any level. But when it comes to Fields, I can understand why.

Further explanation from Orlovsky:

“I told Bears fans this all summer long: Don’t talk to me about Justin Fields’ development. You’ve got a fifth-round pick starting at left tackle. He might become a very good player, but that is not ideal. He has literally one of the worst pass-blocking offensive lines in the last decade of the NFL. I said this: Your No. 1 receiver is really a No. 3. Darnell Mooney is a good player. He’s going to continue to be, but he’s not a No. 1. So, his No. 2 receiver is really like a 5. His starting tight end Cole Kmet, right now, he looks like a tackle. So, to talk to me about can we evaluate Justin Fields is one of the dumbest questions in football.”

Sheesh. On the one hand, it is a harsh assessment from Orlovsky. At least this time, he acknowledges left tackle Braxton Jones as a developmental project that could pan out. And he also gives a cap tip to Darnell Mooney as being a solid receiver. But that Cole Kmet line … oof. That’s painful.

In the end, I get it. We’re going to continue discussing Fields, his development, and the lack of pieces around him until the cows come home. So, stick around. We’ll make it worth your while.

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.