WATCH: Kyle Brandt Goes Off on Russell Wilson After Another Broncos Stinker

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WATCH: Kyle Brandt Goes Off on Russell Wilson After Another Broncos Stinker

Chicago Bears

The NFL is in a league of its own because of days like yesterday.

It was an awful, boring, snooze-fest of a game. That was the type of island game that would make network execs cringe and internally debate their souls and question how and why they spent billions to televise that crap fest.

And yet, that woeful showing by the Broncos and Colts is the talk of sports fans today. Partially because, like a good wreck, it was hard to take eyes off of seeing. But also because of the next-day fall-out. Good Morning Football’s Kyle Brandt has a rant for the ages

Brandt was dropping body blows on Russell Wilson — one of the most popular, revered, well-regarded, and most accomplished quarterbacks in recent football lore. And I’m not sure he was wrong in any regard.

Some of the highlights (or lowlights, if you happen to be Russ and stumble upon this page):

  • I guffawed when I heard Brandt say the “I don’t know when Russell Wilson turned into Mitch Trubisky…” line. That one hit too close to home. But, again, Brandt wasn’t wrong.
  • Hearing this backstory about Wilson and Ciara seemingly big-time folks at the NFL honors event was flat-out cold: “I worked the NFL Honors, I worked the red carpet. (Travis) Kelce comes by, Rodgers comes by, Russell Wilson shows up with his sunglasses and his wife, and I think they think they’re Jay-Z and Beyonce and they will literally put their hand up and say ‘No, we’re not talking.’ Why? Because you think you’re that cool and you’re that famous and you’re that amazing and everything is so perfect. That does not work in the locker room unless you’re really good or a really, really good guy. It just doesn’t work.”
  • As was this, but in a different way: “I think Russell Wilson is one of the least authentic personalities we have in this league. I think Russell Wilson is a poser. I don’t think it makes him a bad person, I think he’s a good person. I think he tries to be something he’s not.” Wilson’s schtick already wearing out its welcome in Denver would be absolutely insane. Then again, Wilson doesn’t have any ties to the Broncos. It’s not like he grew up in their system and is entrenched with that fanbase. Wilson is something of a mercenary. When hired guns can’t get it done, it doesn’t take much for folks to turn. it sounds like they’re turning.

And to think, then-Bears GM Ryan Pace was willing to risk it all to trade for him. Could you imagine what the reactions would be like if this was happening in Chicago? On second thought, don’t think that through. I don’t want to ruin your Friday.

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