Bears Fashion Corner, Leno Returns, Fields' Highlight-Reel Runs, Throwback Thursday, and Other Bears Bullets

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Bears Fashion Corner, Leno Returns, Fields’ Highlight-Reel Runs, Throwback Thursday, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

Thursday Night Football isn’t ready for us!

  • If it looks good, wear it. And when it comes to the Chicago Bears, it’s time to get your finest orange fits ready for primetime tonight. This what the Bears will look like tonight:
  • The orange alternate has some intrigue. But I hope they consider matching the orange helmets with a traditional home jersey in the years to come.
  • Roquan Smith, pictured all over the Bears reveal of the orange uniform, is a funny guy:
  • What if the big hold-up in these Roquan extension talks is the team not wanting to pay him for his football and modeling exploits? /s
  • Roquan knows what’s at stake during prime-time, and is not shying away from it: “I love it. It’s national TV, so regardless if the body hurts a little bit, you’ve got a lot more eyes on you, so you can show what you can do.” (Sun-Times)
  • Justin Fields can scoot:
  • I’m so close to predicting a Fields breakout performance. Washington’s defense has allowed multi-TD passing games in three of its last four games. From a fantasy perspective, QB1 have thrown 11 TDs against just one INT. This is the type of matchup Fields should use as a springboard into bigger and better things.
  • Sometimes, I wonder what things would be like had Ryan Pace not taken Charles Leno Jr. for granted in 2020. Had we been given a more traditional buildup (instead of a Sunday-to-Thursday turnaround), Leno’s return would’ve been an angle we dug into with great interest. Leno was a model of consistency for the Bears, starting at left tackle from 2015-2020 and not missing a single game while with the team since the start of the 2016 season. So, yeah, this isn’t just another game for Leno as he re-enters Soldier Field:
  • From 2016-20, the Bears had just one players start at left tackle. It was Leno. But since the start of the 2021 season, the Bears have used three players (Teven Jenkins, Jason Peters, and Braxton Jones) to start at the position. And that doesn’t even account for the considerations of using Larry Borom or Riley Reiff at the spot. Leno might’ve been the Bears’ most underrated player during his time. Even at the end of his Bears career, he was a steady presence at his position. I don’t know why a loud contingent of fans thought of Leno as a subpar offensive tackle. But I know to never take someone like Leno for granted moving forward.
  • Don’t think Leno doesn’t know how much his former team has struggled in going about filling the void he left behind. Remember the shade he threw at a Bears unit that was in shambles during the summer of 2021? I mean … he wasn’t wrong! And things still aren’t settled in Chicago, which should bring about some appreciation for his work while with the Bears.
  • Washington football’s quarterback will be gutting it out despite a shoulder injury:
  • It really is the worst week ever for Wentz. And it could get worse from there if the Bears can rough him up.
  • Things haven’t been easy. But here is a reminder that things could always be worse:
  • We’ll dig into this more later. But, in short, this has the potential to be a doozy:
  • It’s always something with Washington.
  • Maybe it’s just me. But I appreciate Matt Eberflus trying something different in his first go (as a head coach) at Thursday Night Football after playing a Sunday game:
  • The Bears were 5-1 in Thursday games during the previous regime. Hopefully, the good vibes continue to march on.
  • Chris Emma (670 The Score) writes we saw a brief glimpse of what the Bears can become when everything clicks later down the line during last Sunday’s loss to the Vikings. This team still has much work to do to get to a point where I’d be satisfied with the overall group effort. But playing hard, disciplined, and entertaining football with key young players showing growth would make for the perfect game tonight.
  • Let the record show the Bears won the last-ever game between them and the [redacted]. And did so thanks in part to Mitchell Trubisky throwing two touchdowns to Taylor Gabriel:
  • That second one was one of Trubisky’s best throws ever that was matched by an incredible snag by Gabriel. It’s a shame Gabriel couldn’t stay healthy, because he was a treat to watch when he could get on the field.
  • Are you going to the game tonight? Cool. Me, too. And if you’re like me, you probably don’t love driving downtown and paying for parking. Thankfully, the CTA is lending a helping hand with some free post-game bus service:
  • Jordan Howard’s name is one I’ve not heard in a long time. But the former Bears Pro Bowl running back is joining the Saints’ practice squad. Since rushing for 935 yards and 9 touchdowns in 16 games for the Bears in 2018, Howard has gained just 991 yards with 13 scores in 24 games with the Eagles and Dolphins from 2019-21. The decision to part ways with Howard wasn’t a popular one in many circles, but it appears to have been the correct call.
  • The Blackhawks tank movement is off to a rousing start after a 5-2 loss to the Avalanche. Losing now for a shot at a better tomorrow feels like the game plan for a bunch of Chicago Sports teams right now. But don’t get it twisted. If the Bears lose tonight to the Commanders, I won’t be a happy camper.
  • It’s all about the prospects, baby:
  • AYO! Look who’s the Bulls’ new starting point guard:

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