Oh, Wow: The Panthers Are Reportedly Trading Christian McCaffrey to San Francisco

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Oh, Wow: The Panthers Are Reportedly Trading Christian McCaffrey to San Francisco

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I was one of the brave few to use a top-2 pick in my 2022 fantasy football draft on (the oft-injured, but undeniably talented) Christian McCaffrey this season. I know, I’m a man of real courage. But while McCaffrey has stayed healthy and on the field this year, it’s become increasingly clear that the Panthers – or more aptly, Baker Mayfield – don’t quite know how best to use him. So instead, they’ve traded him.

Here are the terms.

The lack of a first-round pick going the other way is pretty surprising – especially because I think McCaffrey’s slow start (just three TDs, only two 100 yard rushing games) has a lot more to do with Baker Mayfield just … not throwing him the ball nearly enough than any performance or injury-related issue. But it’s still a healthy return. Either way, I like this move for the 49ers and you just know Jimmy Garappolo is salivating at the idea of having McCaffrey *and* Deebo Samuel as weapons.

As a reminder, the 2022 NFL Trade Deadline is November 1.

For fantasy holders, I think this is probably a net-negative for this week (even if he plays, he’ll be limited), but a boon over the longhaul. In the meantime, here’s the likely plan for him this weekend.

At least the Bears already played San Francisco.

Oh! And I almost forgot, Panthers WR D.J. Moore is now probably very much available, and the Bears should come calling. Patrick got into that possibility earlier this week.

Author: Michael Cerami

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