Fields' Self-Assessment, Quinn’s Clarity, a CMC Consolation Prize? And Other Bears Bullets

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Fields’ Self-Assessment, Quinn’s Clarity, a CMC Consolation Prize? And Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

Taylor Swift just doesn’t miss. And that’s all I’ll say for my review of her “Midnights” album, which dropped last night.

  • The Panthers trading a franchise icon under the cover of a TNF donnybrook and Taylor Swift album drop was slick. But that’s what happened with the Panthers trading running back Christian McCaffrey to the 49ers:
  • Football needs more trades like this, if only because they’re fun to discuss. The Niners are paying a steep price to bolster a position they’ve done well at filling in with bit players in the past. And I’m not sure McCaffrey is the final piece of a championship puzzle. But I’m curious to see how it plays out when a play-caller like Kyle Shanahan can line up McCaffrey and Deebo Samuel anywhere and everywhere. All things considered, I’m glad the Bears and 49ers already played this season. Because the first time Deebo lines up in the backfield with McCaffrey in the slot would send me into a tizzy.
  • Trade charts are wild. But this tweet had me looking for my fainting couch:
  • I’m not sure how the math works there, but just feels absured. Even still … there is no denying the Panthers got a HAUL for McCaffrey.
  • NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport reports the Rams were in discussions with the Panthers regarding a CMC trade. And now, part of me wonders if David Montgomery makes sense as a consolation prize. Bears Head Coach Matt Eberflus told reporters he’d like to ride the hot hand in the backfield. But to this point, Montgomery has been out-snapping Khalil Herbert despite Herbert’s production being a smidge better.
  • Not to be lost in the shuffle, we saw a pair of former Bears link up for a big play last night:
  • Good for Kevin White to make a big splash play like that one in a primetime affair. There isn’t a player I’ve seen come through Chicago who has been more star-crossed than White. So to see him perservere is remarkable. I’m rooting for White to catch all the Ws.
  • Because I’m on a small sample kick, this is what Andy Dalton’s 17-game pace is based on his four starts with the Saints: 353/557 (63.4%), 4,020 yards, 30 TD, 17 INT, 90.1 rating. This is what Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy thought they were getting. Except Pace couldn’t assemble a roster with the offensive talent New Orleans has at its disposal. And Nagy couldn’t piece together a playbook to allow Dalton to reach those numbers. Hence, none of the Pace-Nagy-Dalton triumvirate is in Chicago anymore.
  • As for the quarterback who Dalton served as a placeholder for last year, I’d say yesterday was a pretty illuminating afternoon for Justin Fields. QB1 offered up some stuff I hadn’t heard from him before. For instance, Patrick Finley (Sun-Times) capturing Fields’ quote about how the pressure coming at him from all angles is speeding up his internal clock. It’s something like that which makes me wish the Bears would’ve played Fields more last year to get these experiences out of the way. And then there is Finley’s Sun-Times teammate Jason Lieser, pulling Fields’ “I’ve got to get better at everything” quote as a jumping off point for further discussion. Things haven’t gone all that well for Fields, but at least he has the self-awareness thing going for him. Knowledge is power. Perhaps Fields can put it all to good use starting on MNF.
  • Rememeber Fields’ line from his first ever Monday Night Football appearance? You should. It was a breakout performance against the Pittsburgh Steelers in which Fields went 17/29 for 291 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT, and an 89.9 passer rating to go along with 8 rushes and 45 rushing yards. Sure, Bill Belichick’s defense figures to put up even tougher challenges in New England this time around.
  • Eep:
  • I thought Robert Quinn did well in clarifying where he stands ahead of the NFL trade deadline. Nevertheless, Justin Melo (The Draft Network) rattles off a handful of teams the Bears could send Quinn in a trade. The Rams, Eagles, and Chiefs all make sense as possible fits for Quinn. Ideally, the McCaffrey trade serves as a tide that raises all ships in terms of trade returns.
  • Speaking of trade ideas, I hope Ryan Poles is working the phones on this one:
  • The Bears having a clean injury report was a top-5 day for me as a fan in the BN Bears era. It doesn’t top the Week 1 slip-n-slide or Fields hitting dongs at Wrigley Field. But it is certainly in the conversation.
  • Your replies were entertaining as heck:
  • An extra layer of intrigue for this weekend’s Steelers-Dolphins matchup:
  • I love a Friday flashabck:
  • Ayo Dosunmu has been a pleasant surprise for the Bulls. And I think this is just the beginning:
  • I have so many questions about these new Hawks jerseys. First of all, why?
  • The postseason has been wild:

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