The Justin Fields Game: Bears 33, Patriots 14

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The Justin Fields Game: Bears 33, Patriots 14

Chicago Bears

This is what we were all waiting for — and apparently, all it took was losing three straight games as part of a boring brand of early-season football, a 10-day mini-bye, and some deep self-searching.

The end result was the Chicago Bears delivering their first win against the New England Patriots on the road:

You absolutely always remember your first. Especially when it’s Justin Fields doing the heavy lifting.

We’ve been waiting for a game like this, so let’s soak in its glory.

  • When you re-tell the story of this game, let the lead be that the Bears beat the Patriots because of Justin Fields. Full stop.
  • Fields was a one-man wrecking crew on Monday Night Football. A total of 261 yards of offense (179 passing, 82 rushing) and two touchdowns (1 pass, 1 run) came straight from QB1. It was the type of dual-threat game we’ve been waiting for Fields to unleash. We’ve seen bits and pieces here and there, but this might’ve been Fields’ most complete game.
  • Fields really did that to a Bill Belichick defense. On Monday Night Football. My mind is still wrapping around how something like this could happen. Sometimes, the best things in life are well-timed an inexplicable. This might be one of those times.
  • It’s not just the results for Fields. The process looks like it was better. Just look at all these dots on the chart:
  • That’s the kind of chart that comes after a play-caller gets extra prep time, goes through some deep self-evaluation, and concludes the best way to cook up a winning offense is to call plays to his quarterback’s strengths.
  • This man deserved this moment:

We have so much stuff to sort through in the days to come. But for now, we celebrate the fun stuff. The Bears win hurt their draft standing, but that performance from Fields made it worth it.

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