Sunday's Bears-Cowboys Uniform Matchup is Giving Off Color Rush Vibes

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Sunday’s Bears-Cowboys Uniform Matchup is Giving Off Color Rush Vibes

Chicago Bears

They weren’t all that popular, but I’ll admit there were moments when the NFL Color Rush jerseys that were done in conjunction with Thursday Night Football just hit right.

At least, that was the case when the Chicago Bears were participating in the festivities that brought to light a different alternate uniform.

And perhaps we’ll see that on Sunday when the Bears travel to Arlington (Texas Version) to face the Dallas Cowboys in a battle of unique threads:

It will be a rare color vs. color jersey matchup at the house that Jerry Jones’ giant wads of cash built.

The Bears are set to rock their new orange helmets to go along with their orange tops, white pants, and orange socks. We just saw that combo on Thursday Night Football two games ago. And I saw them in person. The orange helmets definitely pop in a big way when you’re sitting up in section 350. However, it is tough to say the Bears looked good when the offense played so poorly and the team lost. Hopefully, the Bears play better on Sunday against the Cowboys than they did against the Commanders on TNF. And if they don’t, maybe we should shelve the agent orange looks until a later date.

As for the Cowboys, they’re rocking with a navy blue top at home. That’s … different. Dallas usually wears white tops at home, saving the blue tops for the road. Maybe the Cowboys are thinking that wearing navy blue tops might trick Justin Fields into throwing an interception their way. Clever thinking. We saw the Bears running the ball well last week. So well, I don’t even know why Fields would even entertain throwing it into harm’s way.

The NFL stopped doing Color Rush jersey games a few years ago, but some have stayed in team rotations. If the Bears win on Sunday, then maybe I’ll drum up some interest in bringing that trend back. But if they don’t, I might be liable to burn ’em all to the ground. It’s a real range of emotions here. Good luck sorting through it all.

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