Lamar and Roquan, Fields and Lamar, Brady's Rough October, Dan Quinn's Challenge, and Other Bears Bullets

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Lamar and Roquan, Fields and Lamar, Brady’s Rough October, Dan Quinn’s Challenge, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

World Series Game 1 is TONIGHT.

Who ya got?

  • We saw Roquan Smith take it hard when he was hit with the news of Robert Quinn’s trade. And now we’re seeing the other side, where Quinn has so much love for his brother:
  • Trying to put this trade in proper perspective has come with its challenges. Does it help the Bears in the long run? Yes. Is not having Quinn lining up on one side of the formation hurting the Bears in the short term? Yes. Are there feelings that need to be smoothed over in a locker room that respected Quinn enough to make him a captain? Yeah, the human element is a real thing — even GM Ryan Poles acknowledged that. But these are among the challenges NFL teams face every year. Hopefully, the Bears are well-equipped to deal with everything coming their way. We’re about to see what this team is made of in the coming days, weeks, and months.

“It happens in the NFL and really in any job where people come and people go, there’s a change of guard so to speak,” Williams said Thursday. “You let your emotions flow, you wish them well, and it’s not business as usual. … We still have a job to do. But we’re going to miss him on a personal and professional level. So you let those things show, but when we get on the field we focus in on the job at hand.”

  • The Bears must find balance. It is up to the coaches to lead the way and players in leadership roles to instill their will from the get go.
  • The combination of beating the Patriots on MNF and the Robert Quinn trade put looking at the 2023 NFL Draft on the backburner (at least for this week). But Jacob Infante’s post-trade 2023 mock draft has my full attention:
  • You could probably mix and match names with your favorite players and prospects. Ultimately, at this stage of the pre-draft game, I’m all for any mock drafts that address the Bears’ needs at receiver and along the offensive line at the top.
  • An oddity of the Quinn trade that makes sense:
  • I’ve long felt that one of the hangups in a Quinn trade was the long-term viability. As in, Quinn signed a five-year contract with the Bears at a time when it looked like the Bears would be competitive. Trading him three years into the deal uproots him and his family, while also sending him to a place where he didn’t have any say in where he was going. So what Howie Roseman has done is made amends with the player by granting him free agency after the season’s end. And now, everyone is a winner. The Bears get much-needed draft capital. Meanwhile, the Eagles get a stud pass-rusher with a spectacular résumé and knack for knocking down quarterbacks. And Quinn gets to join a contender now, then hit free agency after this season ends. We wish him the best of luck.
  • We’ll always have these moments:
  • A fun side story: Dan Quinn was one of the first interviews Ryan Poles had as Bears GM. Surely, Quinn has been waiting to unleash some fresh hotness against Chicago’s football team when he saw them pop up on the schedule.
  • Even still … I bet Quinn would rather be coaching Justin Fields than coaching to stop him.
  • Here is the look of a man who definitely enjoys dropping spoilers:
  • This is high praise:
  • Roquan Smith is one big game away from stealing this from Lamar Jackson’s playbook:
  • I understand why Roquan and Lamar represent themselves. But I wonder if they’d have deals by now if they had agents negotiating on their behalf.
  • Baltimore beating Tampa Bay on TNF means the winner of Sunday’s Panthers-Falcons game will be alone atop the NFC South standings. You can’t predict football!
  • I can’t believe Tom Brady passed on retirement and a post-playing career with a supermodel wife for this:
  • Thanks for the warning!
  • Everything you need to know about the World Series is in this post:
  • Some thoughts on a Blackhawks team that is surprisingly competitive:
  • That new-look Bulls bench squad is FUN:
  • This runs through midnight ET. Just FYI:

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